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Jorge Gutiérrez's 'Maya And The Three': Final Trailer Arrives

Maya And The Three
, the eagerly anticipated return of Jorge Gutiérrez (The Book Of Life) is now only weeks away.- and now the final trailer is here. Gutiérrez's epic story is too big for a single movie to contain, so it's been made as an event series, spanning nine episodes.

Inspired by the mythology of Meso-America, the series features heroine Maya stepping up to save her world by tracking down three legendary warriors. Expanding considerably from the earlier teaser, this truly reveals just how big this promises to be. The action here looks spectacular and on a pretty massive scale. Gutiérrez had described it as being like a "Mexican Lord Of The Rings" and it looks like it's living up to this. Just because this is made for the small screen, doesn't mean this is any less spectacular. In a lovely touch, the action is so big it repeatedly spills outside of the 'frame'.

That's just one part of the visual inventiveness that makes Gutiérrez's work look unlike anything else. It's CG, but much like Book Of Life before it, it has an almost stop-motion look to it- the characters, sets and props have a weight and physicality to it. It's really something special.

Maya And The Three stars Zoe Saldana, Rita Moreno, Isabela Merced, Stephanie Beatriz, Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna, Eric Bauza, Hailey Hermida, Carolina Ravassa and more. 

The series hits Netflix on October 22, but attendees to this month's BFI London Film Festival will get the chance to see the opening episodes on the big screen. Jorge Gutiérrez and his creative partner, wife and muse Sandra Equihua were also recently announced as this year's recipients of the Fellowship at the Manchester Animation Festival