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Netflix Trailers: Wendell & Wild, Summit Of The Gods, Cowboy Bebop and More

Netflix have now firmly established themselves as one of the leading names in animation today. This month has been a strong one for animated Originals with both Maya And The Three and Inside Job arriving at last. November too is going to have a veritable smorgasbord of new animation- check out the latest trailers to arrive for next month... and beyond.

Wendell & Wild

It's not really a trailer, but we have finally got our first look at footage from the upcoming feature from Henry Selick. We haven't had a film from the stop-motion maestro since Coraline way back in 2009, but his new film found a home at Netflix. Selick is co-writing the film with Jordan Peele, comedian turned acclaimed director (Get Out, US) and Clay McLeod Chapman, and the film will also star Peele and his erstwhile comedy double-act partner Keegan-Michael Key.  Netflix has begun the promotion for the film with a tiny bit of footage of the characters voiced by Key and Peele. Wendell & Wild arrives on Netflix next year.


Summit Of The Gods

Fresh from screening as part of opening night at Animation Is Film Festival last weekend, acclaimed French animated feature Summit Of The Gods gets a new English trailer. From director Patrick Imbert (Big Bad Fox and Other Tales, Ernest and Celestine)and based on a Japanese graphic novel, the film follows a Japanese photo-journalist who goes in search of a legendary mountaineer who has been missing for years. This trailer showcases some epic visuals and gives us a taste of just why it has wowed festival crowds the world over. Summit Of The Gods will arrive on Netflix on November 30 everywhere except France, Benelux, Japan and Korea. It will also be screening in cinemas in the US and UK from November 24 and November 26, respectively. 



Masters Of The Universe: Revelations Part 2

Earlier this year Netflix and Mattel's Masters Of The Universe: Revelations continued the story of the beloved 80's franchise in a surprising way. Showrunner Kevin Smith's modernised take on He-Man and company irked a certain reactionary segment of fandom but impressed others with fantastic animation from Powerhouse Animation and a starry voice cast. The trailer for the concluding part puts iconic villain Skeletor (voiced by Mark Hammil) as the show picks up after a killer cliffhanger. Part 2 comes to Netflix on November 23.



Netflix's second series to come from their acquisition of Millarworld, the comic book company founded by Mark Millar arrives in the form of a 13 episode anime from acclaimed studio Bones. Following a gang of supervillains planning the heist of a lifetime, this looks as slick and exciting as we have come to expect from that studio. Hopefully, it will be better received than the misfire Jupiter's Legacy (the debut Millarworld series) when it arrives on November 25. 

Cowboy Bebop 


Iconic 90s anime Cowboy Bebop's long-threatened live-action adaptation is finally arriving next month. Rather than the originally planned movie, it's arriving as a TV series, which will reportedly expand the world of the show. Despite considerable scepticism (understandably considering the live-action anime adaptations made so far), this is actually looking pretty impressive with a great cast and suitably stylish visuals. If nothing else, at least we will be getting some brand new music from the genius Yoko Kanno and Seatbelts. Cowboy Bebop streams from November 9.