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Studio Ghibli's 'Earwig and The Witch' Streams On Netflix Outside the US & Japan Next Month

For the longest time, the legendary Studio Ghibli was resistant to embracing the streaming age. Their star director Hayao Miyazaki has long insisted that the cinema is where his films belong but most of the western audience discovered their films on the small screen. It was therefore a pretty big deal in 2019 when Ghibli's custodians in the US, GKIDS Films announced they had signed a deal with HBO Max for almost their entire catalogue, the first anywhere in the world. Not long after it was announced that the films would stream on Netflix outside the US and Japan. 21 films are available, including Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind- which technically predates the founding of Ghibli- and excluding The Grave Of The Fireflies, the rights to which are elsewhere.

It has now been announced that Netflix has secured the rights to Ghibli's newest film Earwig And The Witch (again excluding the US and Japan). The film is directed by Goro Miyazaki (Hayao's son) and is the Studio's first feature to be animated in 3D CG. The news wasn't a big surprise to some, however, as the film was briefly available prematurely in the UK last month.

Goro Miyazaki said:

We’re thrilled that our film Earwig and the Witch will reach many countries and territories through Netflix. The film is Studio Ghibli’s first fully 3D CGI film which prompted us with an exciting challenge to reflect the spirit and pride of our studio using this new artform. Through that experience we met Earwig, our rebellious protagonist who grows to overcome difficulties with her wits and relentless energy. We hope you will come to love our Earwig, just like you enjoyed spending time with the main characters in our last 21 films. Today, the world is forced to continue its journey into a chaotic era. We hope this film will inspire our    children who live long into the future.


Although the technology is new, the story is classic Ghibli material. Based on a children's book by Diana Wynne Jones, Welsh author of the original Howl's Moving Castle. It follows a headstrong girl brought up in an orphanage whose life changes dramatically when she is taken in by a selfish witch. Reviews were not especially kind (although we were on the more positive side).

The film will be available streaming from November 18, in over 30 languages. Netflix says that over 55 million households have streamed a Ghibli film since 2020, and this number is only going to grow. Earwig And The Witch is currently available streaming to US readers on HBO Max.

[Souce: Netflix]