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Watch This! Creator To Creator: Building Miles Morales

It's a pretty great time to be a Spider-Man fan. Not only do we have the newest live-action outing for the webcrawler Spider-Man: No Way Home hitting screens in a couple of months, but the sequel to the instant classic Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse arrives the year after.  On top of which we have Spidey's best ever video game in Insomniac's PlayStation 4 and game and its Miles Morales spin-off,  and a full-blown sequel on its way for 2023.

Peter Parker may be the Spider-Man we're all most familiar with, but Miles Morales is ever-growing in popularity. The half-black, half-latino teen is a really contemporary take on the iconic hero and has brought something new to the character And his career on-screen is only just beginning. 

Sony brought together the creative teams behind Spider-Verse and the Spider-Man: Miles Morales video game for a Creator To Creator,  for a must-watch chat about bringing the character to life. The conversation features co-director Peter Ramsey, writers and producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Brian Horton and James Ham creative director and Senior Animator of the game, as well as Saladin Ahmed, a writer on the Miles Morales comics.

The conversation takes place over three different videos, discussing Building Miles' World,  Making Miles A Universal Hero and Animating Miles Morales.

It's a must-watch for Spider-Fans!


Building Miles Morales' World


Making Miles A Universal Hero



Animating Miles Morales