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Who's A Good Boy? DC's League Of Super Pets Trailer Lands

Over the years we've seen many different takes on DC Comics original superhero Superman pop up in animation. From the classic lantern-jawed heroic figure, to the more comedic takes seen in The LEGO Movies and Harley Quinn. An animated Superman is headed back to the big screen next year... but this time he's going to be playing second fiddle to his furry four-legged friend.

The next DC animated movie coming to cinemas is the second collaboration between DC and Warner Animation Group, following the LEGO Batman Movie.  DC League Of Superpets stars Superman's super-powered dog, Krypto, a character left out of most adaptations probably because it's deemed too silly. A man who can fly, shoot lasers from his eyes and speed faster than a speeding bullet is fine, but a dog with powers is apparently too much.

In the first trailer, we meet Krypto (who is voiced by Dwayne Johnson) and get a taste of his everyday life as The Man Of Steel's best friend. A lot of his behaviour will be familiar to dog lovers, but his superpowers add an extra dimension. In voiceover, we hear supes say that Krypto "is not the best with other animals", and then witness that first hand in an awkward encounter with a Corgi.

But it's not called Krypto The Movie, it's the League Of Super-Pets, so where does that title come in? The main inciting incident seems to be a plot from Lex Luther that somehow incapacitates Superman and the rest of the Justice League. Whatever the super-villain does, also seems to create an explosion that gives super-powers to the animals in a nearby shelter. Then it's up to Krypto to lead this motley crew to try and save the day.

The film will reunite Johnson with frequent co-star Kevin Hart, who will be voicing Ace The Bat Dog. The film also stars John Krasinski as Superman/Clarke Kent, Marc Maron as Luthor, Kate McKinnon,  Vanessa Byer, Natasha Lyonne, Diego Luna, Jameela Jamil and Keanu Reeves.

Jared Stern, whose credits include writing the LEGO Batman Movie, Green Eggs and Ham and The Ninjago Movie, makes his animated feature debut as director. Stern also co-wrote the screenplay with his regular collaborator John Whittington.

There's some pretty low-brow comedy here, but there's also some cute touches that will appeal to Super-fans out there. Like the fact that Krypto wears glasses in his 'secret identity, Superman's Christopher Reeves-like hair curl and the use of the legendary John Williams theme.

DC League Of Super-Pets will arrive in cinemas in May 2022.

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