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The Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure Concert Comes To London In Summer 2022

A lot of us animation fans appreciate all the different elements that go into making the shows and movies we love. We don't just love the animation itself, but also the writing, acting other aspects- and often the music. Music, in particular, has a special ability, because it makes the film or series more entertaining, but can also usually be appreciated outside of context. Listening to a favourite score or soundtrack can be a wonderful experience that reminds you of the original media that it came from. This is why concerts that feature music from film, television and even video games have become increasingly popular.

Overlook Events and Anime Limited have announced a very special event is coming to London next summer. The Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure will bring the music of the hugely popular anime saga to the world-famous SSE Arena, Wembley.

The concert will feature the music of composer  Shunsuke Kikuchi performed by the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra, with original singer Hiroki Takahashi joining them for a very special performance.

The concert will be quite different from a traditional classical concert and be modelled on Outlook's Narrative Symphonic Experience concept. It will feature "a symphony orchestra with rock instruments, live vocals, sound effects and light synchronized to a compilation of anime excerpts projected on giant screens, following a strict narrative", creating a truly immersive experience. 

Outlook describes their creative process:

As great enthusiasts of Akira Toriyama's saga, we spent long months carefully selecting and analysing each scene to draw out the essence of the Dragon Ball story. While reconstructing each arc, each scene was thoughtfully set to new orchestrations of the classic music, to align with our Narrative Symphonic Experience concept. Nothing was left to chance. Now, we invite you to enjoy every minute of this concert experience, from the opening trumpet notes heralding the first transformation of Son Goku, ready to unleash his uncontrollable fury against the mighty Frieza.”

The Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure has already visited Paris, Barcelona and other cities, and will come to London on August 7, 2022.  Surely more cities will follow! Tickets will go on sale from December 10 from Ticketmaster and  gigsandtours.com.