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Craig Of The Creek: 5th Season, Movie and Preschool Spin-Off Announced

Cartoon Network's hit series Craig Of The Creek returned for its fourth season starting on January 17. WarnerMedia has this week announced that the Craig universe is about to get a whole lot bigger, with a fifth season set to be joined by a preschool spin-off and a TV movie.

Craig Of The Creek is created by Steven Universe alumni Matt Burnett and Ben Levin and follows the titular Craig Williams and his best friends Kelsey and J.P.,  as they turn everyday afternoons in the local Creek into adventures with the power of imagination. The series has attracted much praise and several awards for its authentic representation of Black family life and for its diversity and inclusion.

A fifth season has been confirmed and will air on Cartoon Network and HBO Max early next year. Also set to air next year is Craig Of The Creek The Movie which will serve as an origin story for the Creek's bravest explorer. It follows Craig when he was the shy new kid in town in a big adventure "that could only be told through the scope of a movie". It's set to include pirate ships, treasure maps and a villain who wants to destroy the Creek.

Last but no means least Jessica's Big Little World is a new spin-off show for Warner's Cartoonito preschool brand. The series stars Craig's little sister and is co-created by former Craig Of The Creek supervising director Tiffany Ford alongside Burnett and Levin.

No task is too big, even when you’re little! Set to debut in 2023, this preschool spinoff centers on the Creek’s favourite resilient little sister, Jessica, as she navigates her way through a world where everything seems much bigger than she is. Although she’s the youngest and still needs help with a lot, Jessica is inspired by the grown-ups and bigger kids around her and is persistent in her quest to conquer monumental kid tasks like creating a bedtime routine or saying hi to a new classmate. With the help of her friends, imaginary and real, Jessica sets off to take on the world, even if she still does suck her thumb…sometimes.     

Jessica's Big Little World is also scheduled to air in 2023.