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Animation Nights New York Animator Interview with Noah Mauchly


Animator Interview #37 featuring Independent Animator Noah Mauchly


Evan Vernon interviews Noah Mauchly, director of MOUSE. Noah Mauchly is a US-born animator and filmmaker whose work spans a range of human subjects (often represented by odd looking animals) and methods of traditional animation. His first film MOUSE was completed in 2021. MOUSE was recently selected as a Winner in the Animation Nights New York 5th ANNY Best of Fest in 2021.




A shy Mouse's simple life is thrown for a loop at the arrival of an unexpected and horrifying visitor.





Animation Nights New York in partnership with Alamo on Demand presented the “5th ANNY Best of Fest” (Program #66 | Season 5 & 6 | Winners) on Saturday, Nov 13 - Saturday Nov 20, 2021


5th ANNY Best of Fest Film Winners Programs 1 & 2: https://www.animationnights.com/screening66-5th-anny-best-of-fest/  



https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirited_Away (Spirited Away)



https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpCJYMmGNdnrW-8EFXkS6jg (Max Forrest aka TVMaxwell)


Social Media Links

https://www.noahmauchly.com/ (Personal Website)

https://www.instagram.com/idontnoahmockley/ (Instagram)


Interview by Evan Vernon

Theme music by Joe Lazenby


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