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GKIDS Release 'Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko' This June

After an extended pause due to the pandemic, specialist animation distributor GKIDS Films is going full steam ahead in 2022. Hot on the heels of their announcement of Pompo The Cinephile and Panda Go Panda, GKIDS announces details for another of their upcoming releases. Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko is the newest film from the famed Studio 4°C.

Children Of The Sea director Ayumu Watanabe returns to tell the quirky story of middle-schooler Kikuko and her larger-than-life -in every sense of the word- mother Nikuko. 

From acclaimed director Ayumu Watanabe (Children of the Sea) and STUDIO4°C (Tekkonkinkreet, Mind Game) comes a heartwarming and moving comedy-drama with touches of magical realism. Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko is about an unconventional family and the bonds that they share in their sleepy seaside town.

Brash single mother Nikuko is well-known for her bold spirit, much to the embarrassment of Kikuko, her pensive yet imaginative daughter. In contrast to her mother, Kikuko wants nothing more than to fit in as she navigates the everyday social dramas of middle school. Life in the harbor is peaceful until a shocking revelation from the past threatens to uproot the pair’s tender relationship.

The film is a big-hearted comedy-drama that champions an unconventional family unit. And as you would expect from 4°C, the animation is gorgeous. It comes from a collaboration between the studio and Japanese comedy legend Sanma Akashiya, who is credited as a producer. The script was written by Satomi Ohshima, based on the original novel by Kanako Nishi.  Interestingly, all three come from outside the anime industry, which perhaps contributes to its unique feel.

As seems to have become standard for GKIDS releases, the film will be given special Fan Preview screenings on June 2 nationwide through Fathom Events. These screenings will be accompanied by an introduction from Ayumu Watanabe and Creative Producer Sanma Akashiya, exclusive to the Event screenings. Following the Fan screenings, GKIDS will give the film a limited release nationwide from June 3.

Tickets will be on sale April 29 via GKIDS, Fathom Events or at participating locations