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Trailers: Human Resources, Bubble, Constantine and The House Of Mystery and More

Animation trailers for upcoming movies and series are coming out all the time these days. Getting so much animation is fantastic... but it can be a bit hard to keep up. Which is why every so often we like to bring you a round-up of the latest trailers you might have missed. We know.... we're awesome. You're welcome.

Human Resources

Netflix's biggest adult animated comedy Big Mouth is getting bigger: new spin-off Human Resources arrives later this month. Taking a look behind the curtain, the show takes us to the world where the Hormone Monsters come from, which also includes Shame Wizards, Logic Rocks and Depression Kitties. Human Resources season one streams from March 18.



Bonkers looking anime movie Bubble takes place in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo where bubbles that broke the laws of gravity rained down and cut the city off from the rest of the world. The city has become a playground for teens who take each other on in parkour battles. Then one day parkour ace Hibiki is saved by a mysterious girl named Uta. The movie is produced by Attack On Titan (Seasons 1-3) animation studio Wit, directed by Titan's Tetsuro Araki, and scripted by Gen Urobuchi with character designs from Death Note's  Hiroyuki Sawano. The movie will stream on Netflix worldwide from April 28.

Constantine: House Of Mystery

DC's original Hellblazer, John Constantine is returning in his first starring vehicle from DC Animation since his movie City Of Demons. This time, Constantine wakes up in the sinister House Of Mystery and has no idea how he wound up there. Matt Ryan, who has played Constantine on-screen in a short-lived solo series and as a supporting character on DC's Legends Of Tomorrow, reprises his role. House Of Mystery is the headline short in the new DC Showcase Animated Short Collection, which also features Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth!, The Losers and Blue Beetle.


Transformers: BotBots

It's Transformers... only much cuter! The latest incarnation of the robots in disguise puts quite a different spin on the iconic franchise. These particular Bots are pint-sized Transformers who disguise as the everyday objects and products found or sold in a shopping mall, such as blenders, drinks cartons, buckets, and more. They run riot after the door closes, but have to try and avoid being discovered by the security guard. Streaming on Netflix from March 25.



Sadly, you'll need to be able to speak French to be able to get the most out of it but Icare, as it is known in its native land, is looking beautiful. The film is the feature debut of Carlo Vogele, a former Pixar animator and Gobelins amuni, who has had considerable success with his shorts on the festival circuit- winning Best Graduation Short at Annecy in 2009 for his stop-motion films For Sock's Sake. Icarus is released in French cinemas on March 30- we hope it will make it way to the English speaking world soon!


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