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Out This Week: Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, Dr Who: Galaxy 4, Megalobox Nomad and More

This week, a 'lost' series of sci-fi classic Dr Who has been regenerated via animation as Galaxy 4 is released in the US (it's already available in the UK). Also arriving stateside this week is the second season of cult sci-fi-sports anime Megalobox. 
Meanwhile UK readers get a hattrick of shonen anime, with the home release of the smash hit Demon Slayer movie, Mugen Train joined by the latest volumes of My Hero Academia and One Piece.

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UK Releases For April 4, 2022


Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba The Movie: Mugen Train (Funimation, 15) "Tanjirou Kamado and his friends from the Demon Slayer Corps accompany Kyoujurou Rengoku, the Flame Hashira, to investigate a mysterious series of disappearances occurring inside a train. Little do they know that Enmu, one of the Twelve Kizuki, is also on board and has prepared a trap for them." 
FORMATS: Blu-Ray+Digital, DVD, Limited  Collectors Edition Blu-ray

My Hero Academia Season 5+ 1 (Funimation, 12)"The rivalry between Class 1-A and Class 1-B heats up in a joint training battle. With wildcard Shinso competing on both sides for a shot at joining the Hero Course, this showdown might just be a toss-up."

One Piece Collection 25 (Funimation, PG) "The lab children are suffering withdrawals, and the man responsible happens to be Law’s next target. A Straw Hat and Heart Pirate alliance is in order! But their gaseous nemesis sets a slime monster hot on their trails, chasing the Straw Hats into the lab. Children rampage for candy, Monet chills Luffy to the core, and as the poison gas creeps closer, an unlikely hero could tip the scales."

US Releases For April 5, 2022


Doctor Who: Galaxy 4 (BBC) "The Doctor (William Hartnell) stars alongside his travel companions Vicki (Maureen O'Brien) and Steven (Peter Purves) which sees the TARDIS landing on a planet on the verge of total annihilation as it drifts too close to the three suns which its orbits. Trapped on the planet with them are the Drahvins, a race of warrior women, and the reptilian Rills. The Drahvins want to steal the Rill spaceship to escape the planet's death throes, and enlist the Doctor's help, which he is forced to give when Maaga, the cunning Drahvin leader, keeps first Vicki and then later Steven as her hostage. Even though the Doctor is determined to broker a peace deal between the two sides in this conflict and help everyone escape safely, Maaga doesn't trust him, or the Rills.."

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Grenadier (Media Blusters, 13+) "During the time of the Great Japanese Civil War, the faithful samurai Yairo Torajima finds himself surrounded by an enemy army and certain death. At the moment of his impending doom, the bountiful Rushuna appears and rescues him with nothing more than an enchanting smile and a high-caliber revolver! Together, Yajiro and Rushuna challenge and defeat countless formidable enemies with his swift sword and her uncanny talent for reloading on the bounce! Now, Yajiro joins Rushuna on a mission that is crucial to the survival of humankind- the search for the solution to permanently end all wars and establish world peace for eternity!" 

Megalobox 2: Noman (Funimation )"It only took “Gearless” Joe three months to be crowned the first-ever champion of Megalonia. But seven years after Joe’s meteoric rise, he’s back to fighting in the underground slums, hiding behind numerous scars and a new ring name: Nomad." 
FORMATS: Blu-Ray+Digital


My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy (Sentai Filmworks, TV-14) "Have you ever wished that the world was like an RPG, where the options needed to accomplish your goals are displayed in front of you? Well, that's what's happened to Kanade Amakusa and his life is a living hell! Why? Because it's constantly forcing him to make strange choices at the most embarrassing times, and if he doesn't choose, it HURTS! And to make things worse, often none of the choices are good ones while others seem insane. Like the time one reads "Have a beautiful girl fall from the sky" and then one does! Unfortunately, now the girl has amnesia and she was supposed to help him fix his curse! Is there some weird objective Kanade is supposed to achieve? Or is he just a pawn in a game!?" 


Otobuku Maidens Are Falling For Me (Media Blasters, TV-13) "Mizuho is the very model of a well-behaved young man. Kind, intelligent, a true gentleman. When he can’t refuse his grandfather’s dying wish, Mizuho finds himself enrolling into the same school his mother attended- an exclusive academy for young ladies! He’s able to blend in with the help of a childhood friend who also attends there, but it’s not easy for a boy to keep a low profile at the all-girl school. Questionable situations, uncomfortable rivalries and the occasional disaster follow him on his amusing, heartwarming and gender-bending journey toward self-discovery, true friendship and unrequited love!" 

Pokemon Journeys: Destination Coronation (Viz Media, TV-7) "Ash and Goh are having a blast researching, battling, and catching Pokémon all over the world! But when Goh’s friendship with his partner Scorbunny is put to the test, he discovers what it really means to be a Pokémon Trainer.Then, Ash has his first Pokémon World Coronation Series battle against an electrifying opponent, Team Rocket helps out a movie star Ditto with stage fright, and Chloe and Yamper befriend a lost Pidove. And when Pikachu becomes jealous of Ash’s new partner Riolu and runs away to Pallet Town, can an exasperated Mimey convince Pikachu to return to Ash?" 



Tsukipro The Animation Season One (Sentai Filmworks, 13+) "Every year, Tsukino Entertainment Production puts on a concert highlighting the company's roster of idol groups, but this year the company has gone all out and will hold the concert in the massive Budokan. Being chosen to perform is a huge honor, but also an onerous task, as the concert is drawing near and each group must create four new songs for the event! As the days count down, each boy group faces its own unique challenges, with returning veterans SolidS struggling to find enough new inspiration to outshine the fresh dazzle of upcoming newbies Growth and QUELL, while the idol group SOARA must learn how to avoid the mistakes that held them back in the past. The synergy of a real staged event and the spectacle of animation combine in the biggest male idol group event ever!" 


Upcoming Releases

All Release dates are subject to change. Listed Dates are for US release unless stated otherwise. Digital releases may be earlier. Titles are Blu-ray unless stataed otherwise.

Flee (Curzon Artificial Eye) Blu-Ray, DVD April 11 [UK]
Only Yesterday STEEBOOK (GKIDS)  Blu-Ray April 19
The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya STEELBOOK (GKIDS)  Blu-Ray April 19 
The God Of High School (Viz) April 19
Knights Of Sidonia Love Woven In The Stars (Funimation) Blu-Ray April 12
Heavy Metal/ Heavy Metal 2000 (Sony) 4K+Blu-ray April 19
Haibane Renmei (Standard Blu-Ray) (MVM) April 25 (UK)
Cats Eye: The Complete First Series (Discotek Media) Blu-Ray April 26
City Hunter 91 (Discotek Media) Blu-Ray April 26   
Constantine: House Of Mystery (Warner Bros) May 3
Mega Zone 23 (AnimeEigo) May 10
Belle (GKIDS/Shout Factory) Digital May 3, Blu-Ray May 17 
Nana Complete Collection (Sentai Filmworks) May 17
Lupin III Part 1: The Classic Adventures (Discotek Media) May 31
Astro Boy (1981-82) (Discotek Media) May 31
Double Dragon (Discotek Media) May 31
Poupelle Of Chimney Town (Eleven Arts/Shout Factory) Digital May 3, Blu-Ray May 31 
El Hazard The Wanderers (RightStuf) June 14
Urusei Yastura Movie 4: Lum The Forever (Discotek Media) June 28


This Week's Best Deals

All prices are subject to change and do not include postage or delivery costs, plus any additional taxes in the US. Titles are Blu-Rays unless otherwise stated.
Castle In The Sky $29.95 $14.98
The Cat Returns $29.95 $14.98
Earwig and The Witch $26.98 $16.98 
From Up On Poppy Hill $29.95 $14.98
Howl's Moving Castle  $29.95 $14.98
Kiki's Delivery Service $29.95 $14.98
My Neighbor Totoro $29.95 $14.98
Ocean Waves $26.98 $16.98
Pom Poko $29.95 $14.98
Ponyo  $29.95 $14.98
Ponyo Steelbook$26.99 $16.98
Porco Rosso $29.95 $14.98
Princess Mononoke $29.95 $14.98
Princess Mononoke Steelbook  $26.99 $16.98
Spirited Away  $29.95 $14.98
Spirited Away Steelbook $26.99 $16.98
When Marnie Was There $29.95 $14.98
Tales From Earthsea $29.95 $14.98
Whisper Of The Heart $29.95 $14.98
The Wind Rises $29.95 $14.98