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Out This Week: Flee, Drifting Dragons, Song Of The Sea and More

This week sees the Oscar-nominated triple threat Flee arrive on disc in the UK, alongside some new anime and some old-school 'super-marination.' In the US, modern classic Song Of The Sea gets a new re-release, alongside a slew of anime releases including the latest helping of Food Wars and the previously Netflix exclusive fantasy anime Drifting Dragons

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UK Releases For April 11, 2022


Fireball XL5: The Complete Series (Network, U) “Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's much-loved Supermarionation series has been remastered in High Definition from original 35mm film elements for this Blu-ray edition! The year is 2062, and World Space Patrol ship Fireball XL5 is assigned to Sector 25, where intrepid pilot Steve Zodiac, ably assisted by Doctor Venus and Professor Matthew Matic, faces such dangers as planetomic missiles, explosive gas clouds, space spies, and alien races both warlike and benign!”

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Flee (Curzon Film World, 12) “FLEE tells the extraordinary true story of a man, Amin, on the verge of marriage which compels him to reveal his hidden past for the first time.”

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Girls Und Panzer- Das Finale Part 1 (MVM, 12) “The tank-crazy girls of Oorai Academy are shell-shocked when Momo's preoccupation with locating new tanks for the upcoming Caterpillar Tread Cup causes her to fail her college entrance exams! However, the diabolical minds of Miho and the Oorai teams concoct an uber-crafty battle plan to give Momo a second chance at her exams. The catch? They'll have to promote Momo to the position of overall commander while Miho steps down to vice commander! With Oorai's greatest challenge coming up, it's a terrible time to break in a new general, and that's only the first bombshell in a new series of barrages. Can duplicitous rivals, ridiculous contests and a maid-mad gang of juvenile delinquents stop Oorai's mechanized path to victory?”

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US Releases For April 12, 2022

Drifting Dragons (Sentai Filmworks, TV-14) “Dragons may be huge flying leviathans, but their colossal bodies are also treasure troves of valuable oils and enough succulent flesh to feed small villages. So, even though it's incredibly dangerous, the profession of draking is still profitable enough for the crews of airships like the Quin Zaza to risk their lives in the deadly pursuit of the airborne behemoths.The mortality rate can be high, however, and the Zaza's newest recruit, Takita, will have to learn the ins and outs of her lethal new vocation quickly, even as her reckless crewmate Mika seems determined to set the worst possible example. That leaves it up the rest of the Quin Zaza crew to keep the new rookie on the right side of the food chain as they pursue the deadliest catch of all!”

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Food Wars- The Fifth Plate (Sentai Filmworks, TV-14)
“The first semester of the second year is coming to a close, and finals have begun! It seems that Soma and his classmates have been dealt a recipe for disaster: in just three days, they must make at least 3 million yen (approximately 27 thousand dollars) at the restaurant they've been assigned.However, while other teams have been placed in restaurants that are already in operation, Soma's team receives a dilapidated property that must be restored first! But that's only a minor challenge compared to what comes next, as the top students from all levels of Totsuki compete to become one of the school's three representatives at BLUE, one of the world's most legendary culinary competitions! Tempers flare, surprise ingredients abound, and someone's sure to get burned in most heated cook off of all in the fifth and possibly final season of Food Wars!”

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King’s Raid: Successors Of The Will (Funimation, TV-14) “Kasel’s quest for the Holy Sword Aea continues! Along with his childhood friend Frey, the sorceress Cleo, and her bodyguard Roi, he must brave the demon-plagued kingdom of Orvelia to become the chosen warrior.”
FORMATS: Blu-Ray+Digital

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Knights Of Sidonia: Love Woven In The Stars (Funimation, TV-14)
“It’s been nearly 10 years since ace pilot Nagate Tanikaze repelled the Gauna forces and saved Sidonia, humanity’s last home. And now, the Guardians are bringing the fight to them. In this final battle where annihilation looms and love blossoms unexpectedly, will humanity persevere or will the Gauna see domination?”
FORMATS: Blu-Ray+Digital

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One Piece: Collection 29 (Funimation, TV-14)
“The battle in the Birdcage rages on, and the scattered targets face their fates. Luffy and Law reach the top of the royal palace to take on Doflamingo, where he reveals his true identity—and Law reveals the legacy of Corazon. Meanwhile, Sabo and Fujitora’s fight heats up, Kyros defends Rebecca against her mother’s murderer, and Zoro launches a last-chance attack on Pica.”

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Ramen Fighter Miki: Full Course (Media Blasters, 13+) “In a world where terror grips the land, one girl walks the fine line between life and death to bring us her own special brand of ramen. Miki Onimaru works at her mother’s ramen noodle shop making deliveries, waiting tables and attracting customers with her cute, irresistible charm. But somehow, Miki can’t complete even the most simple tasks without employing her bone-crunching, skull-splitting martial arts skills! Can Miki get through the day without messing up and enraging her mom, who makes Miki look like a gentle kitten in comparison?”

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Song Of The Sea (GKIDS Films/ Shout Factory, PG) “Saoirse is a child who is the last of the selkies, women in Irish and Scottish legends who transform from seals into people. She escapes from her grandmother's home to journey to the sea and free fairy creatures trapped in the modern world.”
FORMATS: Blu-Ray+DVD (Re-Release)

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Upcoming Releases

All Release dates are subject to change. Listed Dates are for US release unless stated otherwise. Digital releases may be earlier. Titles are Blu-ray unless stataed otherwise.

Only Yesterday STEEBOOK (GKIDS)  Blu-Ray April 19
The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya STEELBOOK (GKIDS)  Blu-Ray April 19 
The God Of High School (Viz) April 19
Knights Of Sidonia Love Woven In The Stars (Funimation) Blu-Ray April 12
Heavy Metal/ Heavy Metal 2000 (Sony) 4K+Blu-ray April 19
Haibane Renmei (Standard Blu-Ray) (MVM) April 25 (UK)
Cats Eye: The Complete First Series (Discotek Media) Blu-Ray April 26
City Hunter 91 (Discotek Media) Blu-Ray April 26 
Turning Red (Disney) 4K, Blu-Ray, DVD May 2 (UK)       
Constantine: House Of Mystery (Warner Bros) May 3
Mega Zone 23 (AnimeEigo) May 10
Belle (GKIDS/Shout Factory) Digital May 3, Blu-Ray May 17 
Nana Complete Collection (Sentai Filmworks) May 17
Lupin III Part 1: The Classic Adventures (Discotek Media) May 31
Astro Boy (1981-82) (Discotek Media) May 31
Double Dragon (Discotek Media) May 31
Poupelle Of Chimney Town (Eleven Arts/Shout Factory) Digital May 3, Blu-Ray May 31
The Place Promised In Our Early Days (GKIDS/Shout Factory) June 7
Children Who Chase Lost Voices (GKIDS/Shout Factory) June 7 
5 Centimeres Per Second  (GKIDS/Shout Factory) June 7
El Hazard The Wanderers (RightStuf) June 14
Panda Go Panda! (GKIDS/Shout Factory) June 21
Urusei Yastura Movie 4: Lum The Forever (Discotek Media) June 28


This Week's Best Deals

All prices are subject to change and do not include postage or delivery costs, plus any additional taxes in the US. Titles are Blu-Rays unless otherwise stated.

Devil Man Lady $59.95 $35.97
Devil Man OVA Series $29.95 $17.97
Doomed Megalopolis $29.98 $17.99
Gakuen Heaven $29.98 $17.99
God Mazinger $39.95 $23.97
Grenadier $39.99 $29.99
Holy Knight $14.99 $9.74
Jiang Ziya $29.98 $17.99
Jubei Chan 2 $29.98 $17.99
Kite Liberator $19.99 $12.99
Mazinkaiser SKL $19.99 $12.99                                                            
Monkey King Reborn $29.98 $17.99
Ne Zha 4k $34.99 $20.99
Ne Zha $29.98 $17.99
Strawberry Panic $49.99 $29.99


Akira 4K £15.99
Catwoman Hunted: £7.99

Amazon Featured Deals 

Abominable $8.99
Millennium Actress (Steelbook) $22.08