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Spider-Man Across: The Spider-Verse: Plot Details Revealed, Third Movie Gets A New Title

This week is Cinema Con, an annual event for cinema owners. The assembled crowds (which also include some lucky entertainment journalists) are shown previews of what the studios will be bringing to their screens in the months and years ahead. On Monday, Sony had their presentation and they used it to share some details on one of the most anticipated animated films in the world.

Last week we learned that Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse had been delayed until June 2, 2023. Sony has eased that pain a little by revealing some juicy tidbits about their film. The audience was treated to a screening of the first 15 minutes of the film -albeit in unfinished form. In those first 15 minutes, we will apparently see both Miles Morales (voiced by Shameik Moore) and Gwen Stacy (Hailee Steinfeld) in action in their respective universes. This time, however, it will be Miss Stacy who is at the centre of the multiverse shenanigans as she is visited by Spider-Man 2099, Miguel O'Hara (Oscar Isaac, as seen in the first film's post-credit sting). O'Hara explains that she has left a hole in the multiverse (presumably when she has been visiting Miles' dimension), big enough for villains to get through and menace other universes No Way Home style. The footage also sees Gwen meet another Spider-Woman- a five-month pregnant Jessica Drew (franchise newcomer Issa Rae).

The first film took place (almost) entirely in Miles's universe, but as the title implies, the sequel will take place across the Spider-Verse. In total, it will take place in six different universes. And Drew and O'Hara are only the tip of the iceberg- the new film reportedly will contain more than 200 new characters and multiple Spider-People. We don't know yet if any of the other spider-folk from the first movie such as Spider-Man Noir or Spider-Ham will be coming back for the sequels.

Looking even further ahead, Sony revealed that the third movie, previously known as Spider-Man; Across The Spider-Verse: Part 2 had a new title- Spider-Man Beyond The Spider-Verse. Similarly, the 'Part One' has been dropped from the first film's title. 

But just what is beyond the Spider-Verse? Does it mean travelling into dimensions without Spider-People? The change does at least suggest that the second movie will be a complete story, so is it going to be something else entirely? The third film will arrive in cinemas on March 29, 2024, so we've quite a wait to find out.

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Part One is directed by Kemp Powers, Joaquim Dos Santos and Justin K. Thompson, and written by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller alongside Dave Callaham.