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The Bob's Burgers Movie (2022)

The beloved animated sitcom Bob's Burgers just landed on the big screen. After 12 seasons and still going strong, the series gets its chance to shine in front of a larger audience. On a personal note, this has been one of my favorite shows to watch because it is something that's comforting plus the family reminds me of my own. So the news of seeing this family being seen in theaters was so exciting! The show has a couple of two-part episodes so the potential for a full length movie was there. Although it seems challenging to make a movie that would appeal to both fans and a new audience alike. Luckily the movie is able to keep a balance, like jokes that could stand on their own but would be really funny for longtime fans. 

If you somehow haven't seen an episode of Bob's Burgers by this time then no need to worry or do any homework. That is what makes this movie work so well. Loren Bouchard and Bernard Derriman kept this in mind. The premise of the show is quite simple on its own: a wacky family with a struggling business. The characters and their dynamics are easily established and easy to understand. The movie enhances what the show offers. It is a real treat that fans and new audiences can enjoy. This is like their "Meatsiah" (fans will get that). The tone is slightly different from your ordinary Bob's Burgers episode. Although the show is no stranger to some dark humor, the murder mystery element definitely changes it up a bit. Which was a surprising addition to their usual family adventure. After all, no one wanted the movie to feel like an extended episode. 

One of the greatest strengths of Bob's Burgers is the family’s love for each other. This is one of the main reasons the show rose to the fame it has now. The humor is rarely mean-spirited, which is a nice change of pace, especially for an adult animated cartoon. This comes in full force in the movie. The Belchers are going through some sort of internal conflict. Louise is feeling insecure about her bunny ears, Gene has performance anxiety, Tina wants to ask her crush out, and Bob and Linda are trying their best to stay afloat. As if things couldn't get any worse, a sinkhole pops up in front of their restaurant which serves as a catalyst. It becomes another obstacle for the restaurant. 

This heightens up everyone’s conflicts. Little do they know the sinkhole has some buried secrets. Louise falls into the sinkhole in the middle of the night after she attempted to go in. She ends up finding a body that leads to the arrest of their landlord Kalvin Fischoeder, who is under the suspicion of the murder. The parents and the kids both try to save the restaurant/home in their own way. The kids want to clear the landlord’s name so they do some investigating and Bob and Linda still try to get their business running even if it means doing things they normally wouldn’t do. Although the movie so far sounds quite intense, what balances the tone out is the musical element. 

Bob’s Burgers has been known for having musical episodes. Whether it is a parody or an original, long or short, the songs will always be a huge hit. The movie certainly was not going to leave that part out. And oh boy, the elevated performances from everyone. Between the songwriters and the cast. Just know you can expect this type of quality from the show. They took advantage of the extra time and movie budget to go all out with their fun dance sequences and new locations around town. 

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is a real treat for anyone filled with a lot of heartfelt moments and comedy. Longtime fans finally have some questions answered that were well worth the wait. It was quite satisfying. Some non-murder mysteries have been solved. Mainly the story behind Louise’s ears, which is one of the main burning questions everyone has been asking since the show first started. There is plenty of payoff in this movie where it won’t leave new fans out. All the context is easily provided in this film. So treat yourself by getting those buns to the nearest theater for this movie. No homework needed, the movie will convince you to watch the show right after anyway. 


IN A NUTSHELL: This movie is cooked to perfection. 


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