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Makoto Shinkai's 'Suzume' Gets A New Trailer

 Anime fans know that a new Makoto Shinkai film is always worth getting excited for. The anime auteur wowed the world with Your Name and Weathering With You and is gearing up to follow them up. And now his newest film has a new trailer.

Previously known by the full Japanese title of Suzume no Tojimari, it now appears that it will be released internationally simply as Suzume. 

The trailer is very much a mood piece and is full of typically beautiful Shinkai images. There's also a touch of his trademark teenage angst and more than a hint of the supernatural or otherworldly. The trailer also features the debut of the film's theme song- also called Suzume- that was composed especially for the film.

The official synopsis describes the plot:

17-year-old Suzume’s journey begins in a quiet town in Kyushu when she encounters a young man who tells her, “I’m looking for a door.” What Suzume finds is a single weathered door standing upright in the midst of ruins as though it was shielded from whatever catastrophe struck. Seemingly drawn by its power, Suzume reaches for the knob…

Doors begin to open one after another all across Japan, unleashing destruction upon any who are near. Suzume must close these portals to prevent further disaster.

The stars

The sunset

The morning sky

Within that realm, it was as though all time had melted together in the sky—

Guided by these mysterious doors, Suzume’s journey to close doors is about to begin

The film will be released in Japan on November 11. Crunchyroll will release the film internationally (with Sony Pictures Entertainment and Wild Bunch in some territories) in early 2023