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AFA Arcade: Warframe, Dragon Ball Super, The World Of Anterra and More


Today, animated film and TV is more popular than ever, but the biggest and most successful part of the animation industry is actually video games. Animation is a big component of almost every game (rare exceptions being text adventures and visual novels) and many games feature excellent storytelling. We cover games every now and again on AFA but we're planning on levelling up our games coverage with our new feature AFA Arcade. This regular column will bring you news from where the gaming and animation worlds meet as well as the gaming industry as a whole. Don't expect updates on the latest hardware or the newest Call of Duty or Madden- we aim to highlight the standout work being done in the games industry, whether it's a triple-A game or something from the smallest indie developer. 

Do you work in the animation side of the games industry, or are you an indie game developer? We would love to hear from you!

Kickstart This:  The World of Anterra

World Of Anterra is a Skyrim-style open world RPG, produced with retro style pix-art graphics. Developers 81 Monkeys promise an innovative open-world game that will give gamers a deep experience with plenty of combat and exploration. The game has been in devlopement for over three years. The team is made up of a combination of industry veterans and and indie devlopers. "Nostalgia can be a powerful feature in games, " they say. "But it's the right balance of new ideas and familiar expereince that makes the magic happen". The game is designed to combine elements from classic games and modern games to create the best of both worlds.

Available awards include digital copies of the game plus various other digital goodies, including soundtracks, wallpapers, art books and more. Head to the campaign page now.


Free-to-play third-person action game Warframe is launching its 50th playable character, Styanax. To commemorate the occasion Digital Extreme have launched their first ever anime-style animated short. The short follows Styanax as he helps restore order to the Origin System as he comes up against a cult leader known as The Philanthropist. The short was produced by Passion Paris and directed by David Pagaille.

Styanax will be free to all players for two weeks when the Veilbreaker expansion launches in September.


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming as DLC to Knockout City. Mutant Mutiny (Season 7) will be available to download from August 30.

As Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero recently arrived on cinema screens, the cast of Dragonball Super has come to Fortnite. Play as Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, or Beerus, visit themed locations from the series on Dragon Ball Adventure Island, and take part in special challenges.


Get a look at the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog game, Sonic Frontiers in this new story trailer.


Morty (from Rick and Morty, obviously) is the latest fighter to be added as a plyable character to Multiversus. Ready your Plumbus and check out Morty in action! Rick is coming to the roster sometime soon.