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Ruh-Roh! 'Scoob: Holiday Haunt' Axed

The entertainment community has been shocked this week by Warner Bros Discovery's decision to shelve the Batgirl movie, despite the fact it was already in post-production. Included almost as a footnote in many of the reports is the fact that the upcoming sequel to Scoob! has suffered the same fate.

Scoob! Holiday Haunt, which was "practically finished" according to the filmmakers, will now not be released in cinemas or on HBO Max. Why? The sequel has most likely fallen victim to a change of strategy following the Warner Bros and Discovery merger. The new management at the helm of the new mega-company is persuing a "theatrical first" approach, in contrast to the previous regime's focus on building up HBO Max.

For whatever reason, they didn't consider Scoob (or Batgirl) to be a theatrical product and rather than moving it to streaming they have decided to scrap the film completely. Could it be that they see Scooby Doo as an innately televisual property? Or do they see it as somehow lesser because it's animated- which would have worrying implications for Warner Bros's animation output going forward? It's a mystery even Mystery Inc themselves could never solve.

The news was met will bafflement and disappointment by the filmmakers and fans alike. Co-Director Michael Kurinsky is encouraging fans to send a message to the top brass by spreading the word and using the hashtag #SaveScoobyHolidayHaunt