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Web Animation Watch: Scavenger, Connect, Sommerregen and More

Welcome back to another fine edition of Web Animation Watch! Web Animation Watch brings you the best in online animation: independent shorts, student films, commissioned films, music videos and more!

If you have created something you would like to see featured here, or if you're just a fan who has found something cool- drop us a line. or submit via FilmFreeway

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A lone robot wanders a post-apocalyptic landscape in this effective short, produced in Blender. Filmmaker József Baka does a wonderful job of creating a mood, all without any need for dialogue. It feels like somewhere between a samurai movie and a western... with robots. 


Puppy Time

A young couple discovers that they're not exactly on the same page in this relationship drama. Animator Phiisme has a lovely loose and sketchy style that makes the rawness of the story that much more impactful. What at first seems like it's going to be a sweet little romantic story becomes something else entirely...



A young woman struggles to deal with a particularly rainy day (and a leaky apartment) in this short film about acceptance and learning to let go.  This student film comes from directors Julia Skala and Oscar Jacobson of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.



A young woman struggles to connect and tries not to become overwhelmed in darkness, in this short film from director and animator Aprah El-Harari. This is very much a story of the 2020s as it reflects on the effects of lockdown and social distancing and life in the age of Zoom. 


Everything Goes On | Porter Robinson

Another tie-in with the hit video game League Of Legends, but this is a different preposition than the excellent Arcane. The music video - accompanying a track from Porter Robinson- is made to promote not only the song but also Star Guardian, an event in the game. This video is a pretty pitch-perfect tribute to magical girl anime such as Sailor Moon or Precure- complete with magical transformation sequences and everything.