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'Agent Elvis' Gets A Trailer

Sony Pictures Animation
is the only major Hollywood studio to get in to the world of adult animation. But although we've heard of a couple of projects we've yet to see anything from them. Until now.

The studio's first adult animation is in the form of the new series Agent Elvis. As the name suggests, the series tells a revisionist history where The King moonlights as a secret agent. The series is described as an "irreverent action comedy", but perhaps not too irreverent, as Elvis's former wife Priscilla Presley is credited as co-creator.

The series is created by Presley along with John Eddie, and was developed by co-showrunners John Eddie and Mike Arnold.  Matthew McConaughey voices the title role and serves as an executive producer, alongside Kevin Noel, and Priscilla Presley, with Fletcher Moules as co-executive producer.  The animation is produced by Titmouse in Vancouver.

Gary Ye is supervising director and Chris Thompson is the art director. Robert Valley contributed original character designs and John Varvatos designed Elvis's wardrobe. Music is by Tyler Bates and Timothy Williams.

The first trailer is action packed and earns its animation credentials with some bloody violence. Animation-wise it's looking pretty simple but stylish. This promises to show you Elvis as you've never seen him before.

Agent Elvis will debut its 10 episode first season on Netflix sometime in March 2023.