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Disney Confirms 'Zootopia 2', 'Frozen 3' and 'Toy Story 5' In Development

What's better than the news that a sequel is on the way for a much loved film? How about two sequels to two beloved films? And what's better than two sequels to two beloved films? How about THREE sequels to three much loved films?

That's exactly what we're getting as revealed during Disney's earning call for investors this week. Boss Bob Iger revealed that sequels to Frozen and Zootopia are in development at Disney and Toy Story 5 at Pixar.

It's not the biggest bombshell in the world, after all these are all $1 billion grossing films. Toy Story 4 and Frozen II both outearned their predecessors- which also took in a billion.

The Toy Story films were long considered a perfectly formed trilogy so for many Toy Story 4 was a sequel too far. However, the film was ultimately generally well received and is the highest grossing Toy Story film. Pixar have always maintained that they would only make a sequel when they found the right story. Hopefully that's the case here. The fourth film did feel like an ending of sorts so it'll be interesting to see where they go from here.

Zootopia 2 has been a long time coming- its filmmakers have been teasing a possible sequel since the original came out. The world created for the film is just begging to be explored further. Back in 2016 original director Byron Howard said "There’s a vast potential for this world, so I’d love to see something more come from it."Co-director Rich Moore teased that a sequel would explore the relationship of Judy Hopps and Nick Wild further.

These are presumably at an early stage so we don't have any further details just yet- such as the talent involved and when we might expect to see them.