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A Stop-Motion Pokemon Series Is Coming to Netflix


It was recently Pokémon Day, the day when fans celebrate Nintendo's ever-popular pocket monsters. This year, as well as some game-related announcements a new animated series was revealed. However, this is one with a difference- and will be the franchise's first stop-motion series.

Pokémon Concierge will be the first collaboration between The Pokémon Company and Netflix. The series is to be produced by Japan's dwarf studios, who were behind Rilakkuma and Kaoru.

The story will expand the Pokémon world and follow Haru a concierge at the Pokémon Resort and her interaction with the Pokémon and their owners that visit the resort as guests. The first image and teaser trailer introduce us to Haru and her companion Psyduck.

This promises to be quite a departure for the franchise not only in animation style but also in it story. The Pokémon anime more typically focuses on Pokémon battles and tournaments. Pokémon Concierge will allow us to see trainers and their Pokémon during their downtime and relaxation.

The Pokémon games were first released in 1996 with the anime following in 1997. In the years since, the franchise has spanned multiple TV series, 23 animated movies and a (partly) live-action adaptation Detective Pikachu.

"Netflix is looking forward to delighting fans in Japan and around the world with ‘Pokémon Concierge,’ an entirely new visual and storytelling experience featuring ground-breaking stop-motion animation set in the Pokémon world in close collaboration with The Pokémon Company," said Minyoung Kim, Vice President of Netflix Content in Asia. "We’re also excited to reveal this new series on Pokémon Day and provide fans with even more things to look forward to on this special holiday celebrating the popular franchise."