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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022)

At some point, stories run their course, running from a beginning, middle, and a much-dreaded but appreciated ending. And then, every so often, something very special lands in our ordinary universe to turn it extraordinary. 

Dragon Ball is a rare gem that is not only as awesome as it was during its initial run but continues to get better and better and BETTER which each new edition. From the updated storyline of Super to the big-screen reboot of fan-favorite Broly in 2018, this is a story that does not seem to be losing steam anytime soon. 

Now here we are with the latest edition, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, a film that dares to twist our expectations into something spectacular. I cannot wait to share my review of this film with you guys! So let’s jump right on in. 


Given that the Dragon Ball story has been running since 1984, with four television shows (including the original show, Z, GT, and Super) and twenty-one movies (now including this one), I’ll try to summarize as best I can. Simply put, Dragon Ball follows the adventures of Goku, his son Gohan, Prince Vegeta, the Namekian Piccolo, and a collective of warriors called the Z Fighters who must save the earth, other planets, and the known universe from powerful enemies. Battles are the core of the series, with some reaching awesomeness levels that would make Superman and Thanos blush. 

This film follows the same style, with some exceptions. Super Hero sticks to two plot lines, one with a hero and one with a villain interestingly enough. Simply put, the Red Ribbon Army (who fought little boy Goku in the past) is back and ready for more. This time, they’ve got grand spanking new androids, a sharp child prodigy with a connection to Dr. Gero (a mad scientist from Goku's past), and plenty of flash and style. 


Piccolo - Everyone's Favorite Namekian

Again, the show has run for so long, most of you who are diehard fans like me love these characters and know them by heart. So much you will scream their names when you see them on screen. There are so many, if I listed them here, the entire review would stretch to the Moon. So I’ll focus on who my ultimate favorites from Super Hero are. 

I’ll just say it. I adore Piccolo. When six-year-old me watched the Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z on Toonami in the 90s, the big guy was the first major cast member I saw. This series was my intro to anime, and Piccolo has and always will hold a special place in my heart for that reason alone. Everything from his design, no-nonsense attitude, and powerful fighting moves are perfect. Now, 25 years later, I get to see him as the main character of a film. FINALLY! And he does NOT disappoint! Piccolo is a savage fighter who holds no punches, but he has a soft side that finally shines through. Chris Sabat has voiced this character since the 90s, and once again takes his power level to the max as Big Green

Pan, the daughter of Gohan and Videl, is another welcome addition to the film. Her interactions with Piccolo are heartwarming and genuine – I especially love how he doesn’t talk down to her, and lets her know their situation is life-threatening. This cute little girl feels like a real kid, right down to her excitement about dangerous adventures and her fierce protectiveness over her family.   

Gohan about to go Beast Mode. 

I love how Gohan is no longer cast as the science nerd and once again takes the mantle of Super Saiyan, unlocking a new form that allows him to combat an unstoppable monster – I won’t give away who it is. Here, he is now a father, husband, working man, and fighter. And that combo is wonderfully balanced. 

Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 (right to left) 

The Red Ribbon Army also has its own cast of unique characters, particularly with the flamboyant androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. Looking like two troublemakers from a Dick Tracy comic or from Lupin III. I won’t spoil them for you, but I truly did love these guys. 


Piccolo fires his Special Beam Cannon. 

Not being the biggest fan of 3D cartoon animation, I was sort of disappointed when I realized Super Hero would not be traditional. Rest assured, dear readers, I willingly put my foot in my mouth. The CGI animation in this film is fun, fast, and bizarre and lends to some really clever tracking shots and battle sequences. Just imagine you’re watching cutscenes from Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, FighterZ, or Budokai, and you’ll hop right on the Capsule Corp bandwagon. 


For all the Dragon Ball fans out there, the ones who grew up with the show and who love it to death, this is the film for you. Get ready for some high-octane fight scenes, lots of barbaric yelling, flashing lights, and brilliant dialogue. Add to that lovable characters and some amazing callbacks to DBZ lore, and you’ll be as pleased with this ice cream sundae of chaos as Lord Beerus

What does my scouter say about its awesomeness level? 

IT’S OVER 9,000!!! 

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is now available on DVD + Blu-Ray combo pack on Amazon. 

For more fun, check out the official Dragon Ball website


A heart-pounding, heartwarming, epic adventure that takes fans of the beloved Dragon Ball anime to new heights!