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Web Animation Watch: A Flash, Video Games, My Cat Lucy and More

Welcome back to another fine edition of Web Animation Watch! Web Animation Watch brings you the best in online animation: independent shorts, student films, commissioned films, music videos and more!

If you have created something you would like to see featured here, or if you're just a fan who has found something cool- drop us a line. or submit via FilmFreeway

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Animated Short: A Flash | Honkai: Star Rail

Stylish anime-style action abounds in this short attached to the popular video game Honkai: Star Rail. It follows a young swordsman from student to master and the tough decisions he must make along the way. Animation by miHoYo Anime with co-production by Fantasier Animation, and Studio ppuri

This Strange Planet

Two explorers wander an unfamiliar planet in this sci-fi short from Joyce Lin. One of the two scientists is there to categorise animal and plant life that she finds, and the other is on a top secret mission to find a mysterious object. The animation is fairly basic but it makes up for it with a strong design aesthetic and a great atmosphere and sense of place.


Rogue Squadron

What do you get when you cross Star Wars with Top Gun? You might get something that looks a little like this... Filmmaker Anthony Koithra has recreated Top Gun's iconic opening with the X-Wing ships from Star Wars, putting 80s nerds in heaven. The short was produced primarily in Unreal Engine, along with Blender and Substance.

My Cat Lucy

A young boy is convinced that his adorable cat is possessed by the devil- and he might be right- in this short from director Kate Vaillant. Brilliantly animated, sharply written and very funny, this marks out Vaillant as a talent to watch.

Tenacious D Video Games

Tenacious D, the band featuring Jack Black and Kyle Glass are back with new music. And the first track from their new album has a brilliant animated video. The video takes us on a breakneck journey through video game history, shaking up the animation style- for example adopting a pixel art aesthetic- along the way. The song is a bit of a banger, too.

Simon's Cat  The Trip- Cat Sitting Part One

Believe it or not Simon's Cat is 15 years old in 2023. And in that time it has lost none of its charm and remains the sharpest portrayal of life with a cat that you'll find anywhere. In the latest episode- the first part in a multi-part special - Simon is off on holiday leaving the Cat and Kitten with a cat sitter (Simon's sister). How will they cope?