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2022-23's Most Watched Animated Television Series

Streaming services have certainly been on the rise this past decade. Even so,
television still plays a pivotal role in the world of animation. Successful
broadcasting numbers allow for large companies to invest more money into
their animation studios to create or continue working on existing IP. Because of
this, staying up to date on the current numbers and details on television viewing
figures is important to understanding the moves these companies (Ex. Warner
Bros, Sony Pictures, etc.) are making.

Nielsen, a media research corporation who publishes daily television ratings,
distributed a list going over the top 100 most-watched television series; these
numbers span from September 19th, 2022 - May 14, 2023. Here are the final
statistics for this TV season:

At #90 on the list, The Simpsons has close to a 2.1 million average. The show is
currently on its 34th season which started in September of last year.
At #95 on the list, Family Guy averages around 1.65 million viewers every
episode. Another long-running show on FOX, Family Guy just finished
broadcasting its 21st season. The show has been renewed for seasons 22 and

At #100 on the list, Bob’s Burgers hosts an average of 1.4 million viewers. This
program, just as the case with the other two mentioned, also broadcasts on FOX.
Those are the only animated shows on the list of most-viewed programs. There
are some key takeaways we can find with these numbers. 

One: The most-watched animated programs on television skew to an older audience. With
the television viewer base being older than ever, seeing how streaming has
been the preferred service for young adults, it’s understandable why kids’ shows
are struggling in comparison on network television. 

Two: These three shows are very similar, and it motivates other networks to make shows similar to them.

What once was a fairly niche genre, has thoroughly expanded into a cornerstone
for several of the most-watched channels; FX has Archer, Comedy Central has
Fairview, Adult Swim has Royal Crackers, etc.

These results may be debilitating for some-- if you’re not a fan of animated
sitcoms, there isn’t much to be optimistic about in the world of broadcasted
animation. Plus, with the ongoing Writers’ Strike, there may be an extensive
hiatus for scripted, animated content to be developed and worked on.
Regardless, animation has continued to be a vital medium for all streaming

Justin Wlosko is a Georgia-based Journalism and International Affairs student with an immense admiration for animation. Growing up on television, he appreciates every element of broadcasted production-- from the advertisements to the bumpers. He has a strong sense of optimism for the world of animation and feels like keeping up with the news surrounding the medium is intriguing and integral. Outside of that, he enjoys studying languages, watching sports, and exercising as much as possible. Find him on YouTube