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HIDIVE To Simulcast The Eminence in Shadow With Both Sub and Dub

The summer anime season is fast approaching, bringing with it dozens of new shows. HIDIVE is already thnking ahead and looking to shows that will air in the autumn season. And if you're headed to Anime Expo over the July 4 weekend, you'll have the chance to get a preview of some of the shows.

HIDIVE, the AMC Networks owned anime streaming service has announced they have acquired the rights to season 2 of The Eminence in Shadow. The series will be available to HIDIVE subscribers day and date with the Japanese broadcast. And in a first for the site, the series will be available both Japanese with subtitles and with an English dub.

The series is based on Daisuke Aizawa’s hilarious isekai light novel series of the same name. It will make up part of HiDive's fall simulcast line-up. It will air this October.


Everything has been going according to plan, but the hour of awakening draws near. Cid Kageno and Shadow Garden investigate the Lawless City, a cesspool where the red moon hangs low in the sky and three powerful monarchs rule the streets. The true draw for Cid, however, is one who can draw blood–the Blood Queen, a vampire who has slumbered in her coffin for eons. Her awakening approaches, and Cid could finally face a day of reckoning.

The first episode of The Eminence in Shadow season 2 will debut as a special screening at Anime Expo, on July 1 (subtitled) and July 4 (with English dub), making up part of HIDIVE's biggest ever fan experiences. More details here. Check out the trailer here (US only).