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Total Drama Island's Reboot's UK Release Date Announced

Comin’ at you live from Camp Wawanakwa is a brand new season of the global
hit Total Drama Island. First premiering on Canadian airwaves back in 2007,
the Total Drama franchise certainly has seen incredible growth and success over
its run. The series went on to be a staple in many animation lovers’ lives; airing
six renditions of it’s core formula (Island, Action, World Tour, Revenge of the
Island, All-Stars, and Pahkitew), a competition-based spin-off in Total Drama
Presents: The Ridonculous Race,
as well as a preschool spin-off with Total
for three seasons.

That being said, the last Survivor-inspired season aired back in 2014. Which is
why, in February of 2021, so many fans were excited at the announcement that
the franchise was going to be getting two new seasons back in its original

These two new seasons would feature a new cast of characters that would
better reflect the stereotypes in today’s teen society, while still bringing back
the iconic pair of Chris Mclean and Chef Hatchet.

Luckily for the show’s UK fans, the first episode is airing very soon! Premiering
on CBBC at 8:50 AM, as well as streaming on BBC iPlayer, the franchise
comes back on July 24th.

Just over a month ago, on June 8th, the Total Drama franchise celebrated its
16th anniversary. Going back to the show’s roots has many viewers excited for
the can’t-miss pilot. The episodes will be broadcast daily, so try not to miss
out on the first installment.


Globally, fans across the world have been frustrated at the lack of transparency
with the seasons’ release schedule. The first season of the reboot premiered in
Italy on April 10th earlier this year, while Boomerang Canada (coming from
the franchise’s country of origin) has only played a promo for the past few
months, while Cartoon Network USA hasn’t said anything since the original

Even so, as more premiere dates are announced (Such as Cartoon Network
Latin America’s date being August 4th), as well as the second season premiering
in Italy in December, there’s plenty to look forward to as a fan of the series.