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Wong Ping: Between Desire and Isolation Screening at Metrograph

Animation is a hugely versatile medium. As well as for entertainment it can also be used for art. One artist who has worked extensively in animation is Wong Ping.

Wong is a globally lauded renegade experimental artist from Hong Kong. With an emphasis on animation, he is known for his radical, absurd and frequently sexually-charged work. Impressively, when it comes to animation he is completely self-taught. He has been honored with solo shows at institutions such as New Museum and Kunsthalle Basel, and participated in exhibitions and screenings at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Sundance Film Festival and more. Going beyond film, Wong's work also includes installations, sculpture, interactive pieces and more.

Wong is being honored by New York's Metrograph Theater.  The series includes three parts: a cinema screening of a selection of Wong's films on July 14-15,  an online program streaming via Metrograph At Home from July 15- August 15, and a projection of Wong's The Other Side in the Metrograph lobby until the end of the month.

The in-theater lineup for Wong Ping: Between Desire and Isolation includes Crumbling Earwax (2022, 12 min), Modern Way to Shower (2019, 12 min), Sorry for the Late Reply (2021, 15 min), Wong Ping's Fables 1 (2018, 13 min), and Wong Ping's Fables 2 (2019, 13 min).

The online showcase includes Dear Can I Give You a Hand (2018, 12 min), An Emo Nose (2015, 4 min), and Sorry for the Late Reply (2021, 15 min). 

The Other Side will be projected in the cinema's lobby from July 14- July 28.

For more information visit the cinema's website.