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Warner Bros and Cartoon Network Studios Demand Union Recognition


The ongoing WGA strike is starting to close on a mutually-beneficial deal with entertainment companies, which makes the timeline of animated releases look significantly more promising. Within the proposed deal, writers will receive more financially-stable positions and guarantees to have anti-artificial intelligence measures taken place in the workspace.

 In the animation space, there still appears to be a great deal of unfortunate tension between executives and the companies’ creators. At least 80 production employees from Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network Studios banded together in July of this year to try to unionize under the Animation Guild.These workers were a part of shows like Fionna & Cake, Craig of the Creek, TeenTitans Go!, Harley Quinn, and more. Animation workers seek parity with their colleagues in live-action, a goal they have been chasing after for some time.

As stated in the Animation Guild website, this union would allow workers to have health insurance benefits, pensions, and better financial security.Unfortunately, according to their petition, their cries have been ignored. The unionizing has been held at a complete standstill, with over two months of silence gone by.

This is why they want our help! Currently, the petition holds more than 16,000 signatures and has been growing steadily through the past few days. The petition-organizers believe every signature helps and will prove to be vital in moving forward with this process. It’s a cost-free way to get behind the people who have created your favorite animated programs, so feel free to sign here.



Justin Wlosko is a Georgia-based Journalism and International Affairs student with an immense admiration for animation. Growing up on television, he appreciates every element of broadcasted production-- from the advertisements to the bumpers. He has a strong sense of optimism for the world of animation and feels like keeping up with the news surrounding the medium is intriguing and integral. Outside of that, he enjoys studying languages, watching sports, and exercising as much as possible. Find him on YouTube