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NYCC: Adult Swim Greenlight 'Women Wearing Shoulder Pads', Renews 'YOLO'

This past weekend saw New York ComicCon, one of the biggest conventions on the East Coast. The event is attended by many of the biggest names in animation. And that included Adult Swim.

At their panel they unveiled new stop-motion animation series Women Wearing Shoulder Pads. The series follows a wealthy Spaniard living in Ecuador as she navigates the complex world of love, family, commercials and cuyes, a.k.a. South American guinea pigs. The new series will be Adult Swim's first ever Spanish language series and their return to the stop-motion format.

Women Wearing Shoulder Pads is an 11-minute comedy featuring an all-female cast and centring on Marioneta, an extremely wealthy and ambitious Spaniard living in South America, pursuing business and pleasure. The series will be produced entirely in Spanish with English subtitles and is created by creator Gonzalo Cordova (Tuca & Bertie, Adam Ruins Everything) in partnership with Mexico City-based Cinema Fantasma. 

"While we’ve all seen a million stop-motion shows in Spanish featuring an all-female cast centred on the plight of guinea pigs, Gonzalo’s unique voice and the visually rich stop-motion from Cinema Fantasma meant that we couldn’t pass up on ‘Women Wearing Shoulder Pads," said Michael Ouweleen, president, Adult Swim. 

During the panel, Adult Swim also announced a third season renewal of YOLO, the animated comedy from Smiling Friends co-creator Michael Cusack. The second season ranked #2 across cable in key demographics. The third season, now titled YOLO: Rainbow Trinity will continue to follow the adventures of a couple of Australian best friends through a series of bizarre and fantastical adventures.