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Out This Week: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, TMNT: Mutant Mayhem, Evangelion: 3.0+1.11 Thrice Upon a Time and more

Welcome back to another edition of our new release round-up. This week's titles include the 4K Debut of the latest Dragon Ball feature film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Other new anime titles this week include the latest season of Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?, Mobile Suit Gundam-San and Chihayafuru: Season 3.

New to the UK this week is the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles outing Mutant Mayhem, beloved children's animation Ivor The Engine and the 4K edition of The Prince Of Egypt. New anime releases include Evangelion: 3.0+1.11 Thrice Upon a Time and Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna.

UK Releases For November 20


Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna (Anime Ltd., PG) "An unprecedented phenomenon occurs and the DigiDestined discover that growing up means an end to their relationships with their Digimon. On top of that, the DigiDestined realize that the more they fight with their Digimon, the faster their bond breaks. Will they fight for others and risk losing? The time to choose and decide is approaching fast. Tai and Agumon, along with the rest, will be forced to risk everything in their epic last adventure."

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Evangelion: 3.0+1.11 Thrice Upon a Time (Anime Ltd. 15) "The fourth and final film in the four-part silver-screen remake of sci-fi anime classic Neon Genesis Evangelion, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time is set immediately after the events of You Can (Not) Redo. After Shinji Ikari almost caused the fourth impact, himself along with Asuka Shikinami Langley and Rei Ayanami walk around Tokyo in search of temporary shelter in order to recover before attempting to prevent Gendo Ikari's plans."
FORMATS: Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray CE, Blu-Ray Steelbook

Hula Fulla Dance Collector's Edition (Anime Ltd, PG) "Hiwa Natsunagi is a high school student living in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. Worried about what to do with her life after graduation, she spots a poster for Spa Resort Hawaiians - the "Hawaii of Tohoku", a place where her sister used to work - and applies to their hula dancer campaign on a whim. Despite her lack of experience, Hiwa is accepted for the job, and starts on the path towards becoming a Hula Girl with her classmates Kanna, Ranko, 'Ohana and Shion. However, unable to keep in step with one another due to their differing personalities, the first stage ends in disaster. Called the "most pitiful rookies ever", the girls are disheartened, but they learn to share the good and bad, and strengthen their bonds despite the occasional fumble. With their hearts and minds firmly set, the girls grace the stage once more..."

Ivor the Engine: The Complete Collection (Restored) (Fabulous Films, PG) You wait ages for a Welsh Locomotive TV series and then three come along at once. The end of the 1950s found Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin feeling their way into a new and challenging world of stop-frame animation. Their first collaboration as Smallfilms brought us the utterly charming six-part story of how Ivor the Engine got the chance to fulfil his dream of singing in the choir of the the Grumbly and District Choral Society. The 1960s saw 26 new adventures about the Merioneth and Llantisilly Rail Traction Company Limited and all the gently eccentric inhabitants of the towns and villages to whom the trainline served, as well as dragons, elephants and a donkey named Bluebell. This series hasn't been seen since 1969.
The 1970s saw Ivor and his friends brought back to our screens with forty episodes in full colour.
Now, for the first time, all the series have been lovingly remastered and brought together in one definitive collection. Voiced, along with Postgate, by David Edwards, Olwen Griffiths, Anthony Jackson and accompanied by the beautifully evocative bassoon music of Vernon Elliott, we bring you Ivor the Engine. Peep-peep!"

Ivor The Engine: The Colour Series (Fabulous Films, U) "In 1975 Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin decided to revisit the top left-hand corner of Wales. This time Ivor’s many adventures, some from the 60’s series and some brand new, were in full colour! The forty 5-minute stories hit our screens in January 1976 and ran until December 1977, after which they were regularly shown on the BBC until the 1980s. Olwen Griffiths reprised her role as Mrs Porty and Anthony Jackson came onboard for the voices of Dai Station, Evans the Song and Mr Dinwiddy. And of course the series was cushioned on the beautifully haunting bassoon music of Vernon Elliott."


Overlord IV: Season 4 (Crunchyroll LLC, 15) "Newly crowned Ains plans his utopia, but before he can reform the rival kingdoms, he’ll have to rule them. His terrifying nature makes allies hard to come by, but when the Dwarven Kingdom is threatened, Ains finally has a chance to prove his good intentions."

Mawaru Penguindrum: The Complete Series (Anime Ltd, 15) Himari Takakura passes away after going out on a trip with her brothers, twins Kanba and Sh?ma. She was, however, miraculously saved by a spirit in a penguin-shaped hat. In return for her extended life, the twins must search for an item known as the Penguin Drum with the aid of three penguins, which are visible only to the siblings.

The Prince Of Egypt 4K  (Universal, U) Egyptian Prince Moses learns of his identity as a Hebrew and his destiny to become the chosen deliverer of his people.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (Paramount, PG) The film follows the Turtle brothers as they work to earn the love of New York City while facing down an army of mutants.
FORMATS 4k, Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital

US Releases For November 21

Chihayafuru: Season 3  (Sentai Filmworks, ) Chihaya Ayase's obsession with the card game Karuta has already begun to bear fruit, and the fledgling Mizusawa High School competitive team that she helped form has stunned the karuta playing community by winning the national high school team tournament. That's just the beginning for Chihaya, however, and now the young card mistress has set her sights on an even more impossible task: taking on grand master Wakamiya Shinobu and wresting the title of Queen away for herself.As difficult as everything has been before, it will seem easy compared to the task now ahead of her, and her teammates look to be equally challenged, especially Taichi Mashima, who's finally made it to Class A. Has he finally learned enough to challenge Arata Wataya? Only the cards know the future as Chihaya and Crew hit the decks!
FORMATS: Collector's Edition

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (Crunchyroll, PG-13) "Descendants of the Red Ribbon Army's sinister leaders have renewed their quest for world domination. As their two ultra-powerful androids seek their own brand of justice against Earth's heroes, Piccolo and Gohan, must push their powers to new limits!"

Mobile Suit Gundam-San (Right Stuf) "The "Red Comet" has some more skin to show, and the pilot of the "White Mobile Suit" is right in the middle of puberty!? Just what happened to the One Year War and the Newtype reformation? Can the Gundam world contain this mess? Let's see the mistakes they've made because of foolishness!"

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Season 4 Part 1 (Sentai Filmworks, TV-MA) "How low can someone go in the mammoth Dungeon of Orario and still return? With Bell recovering from his last fight, the Hestia Familia receives a mission that they can't refuse: traveling deeper into the Dungeon than they ever have before! Fortunately, missions are what friends are for, and Hestia manages to borrow a few of the Miach and Takemikazuchi Familias' heaviest hitters. Unfortunately, no one listens to Cassandra's warnings once again and things immediately start to go wrong. Now the team is split, Ryu's accused of a horrible crime, and Bell charges ahead to try clearing her name as everyone races to the lower floors."

Mobile Suit Gundam: Twilight AXIS Remain of the Red (Right Stuf) "Late U.C. 0096. Regarding the existence of the psycho-frame as a threat, the Earth Federation sends a special forces team to investigate the shattered asteroid Axis. The survey team includes the civilians Arlette Almage and Danton Highleg, who formerly worked with the Zeon and Neo Zeon forces. While investigating Axis, the team is attacked by a new Gundam that belongs to a private militia called Birnam. And as the fighting escalates, Arlette pursues a secret agenda of her own..."

Gunpla Builders: Beginning G (Right Stuf ) "The young Haru Irei has a fateful encounter with an extremely rare Gunpla, the Beginning Gundam. After building this Beginning Gundam, Haru learns about and participates in the Gunpla Battle game. As he meets Kouji and other powerful rivals, Haru grows up..."

Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time: Super Extra (Sentai Filmworks, TV-MA) "The heat is on again for Peter Grill as the world's most powerful warrior finds himself in the crosshairs of the lusty ladies who seek a penetrating infusion of his potent DNA to create the perfect offspring. Why can't they accept that he just wants to marry his fiancĂ© and concentrate on being a hero and fighting goblins and stuff? Oh wait, they probably do it because, despite his sister's desperate efforts to keep him from wandering astray, this is one Peter who keeps ending up in the wrong… er… place at the wrong time. So, you really can't blame the girls for trying when they've got a proven working strategy."
FORMATS: Blu-Ray Steelbook