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Marvel Manga Coming To Viz Manga's App

Once upon a time US comics and Japanese manga were seen as rivals. Typically fans of one would consider their style to be superior and would not read the other kind. These days Japanese comics are much more accepted into mainstream culture, and fans are much more likely to read both. Of course, there are still snobs on both sides.

What could be a more clear illustration of this than leading manga publisher Viz Media announcing a new collaboration with Marvel? Viz and Marvel teamed up back in 2022 to create a line of manga-style comics starring characters from Marvel's stable. They included Deadpool: Samurai, Wolverine: Snikt!, Spider-Man: Fake Red, Marvel’s Secret Reverse, Spider-Man: Octo-Girl,  X-Men: The Manga.

Viz have announced that a selection of these titles had a new digital home on the Viz Manga digital service. Deadpool, Wolverine and Spider-Man Fake Red are now available, with Spider-Man: Octo-Girl and X-Men: The Manga Remastered available from this autumn.

Viz Manga have partnered up with Marvel Unlimited to offer a promotion for existing subscribers. US subscribers will be offered a free one-month gift subscription to the other app. Viz Manga members can claim one month of Marvel Unlimited, and Marvel Unlimited subscribers can get one month of Viz Manga free. The limited-time offer will last from April 16, 2024, to May 16, 2024.

Users outside of the United States may be missing out on this deal, but they can still enjoy the addition of the Marvel manga to the service. The Viz Manga app is now available in the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Until recently, it was only available in the US. Users can enjoy well over 10,000 chapters of manga including series from legendary artists like Rumiko Takahashi and Junji Ito, as well as having the option to buy additional volumes. A subscription will set you back $1.99/£1.99 a month.