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Out This Week: The Peasants, Star Trek Lower Decks, Venus Wars and more


Well, hello there strangers, it's only another Out This Week, here to share with you the latest animation home releases. New on Blu-Ray this week is the oil-painted feature The Peasants from Hugh and DK Welchman, creators of the Oscar-nominated Loving Vincent.Adult animated sci-fi comedy Star Trek Lower Decks's fourth season beams down onto Blu-Ray and DVD. Anime series Rozen Maiden gets a complete collection release. Making its debut on digital this week is Cartoon Saloon and Dog Ears' new movie Puffin Rock And The New Friends.

In the UK meanwhile, 80s cult sci-fi classic Venus Wars is given the deluxe collector's edition treatment by Anime Limited.

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UK Releases For April 15, 2024

Venus Wars Collector's Edition (Anime Ltd., 12) "When an ice comet slammed into the planet Venus, terraforming its toxic atmosphere into one capable of sustaining human life, mankind's dream of colonizing other worlds became a reality. Unfortunately for the colonists, Venus isn't the paradise they'd dreamed of. As crops fail and competition for resources intensifies, hostilities grow until the two inhabited continents stand on the brink of war.Reporter Susan Sommers arrives in the capital of Aphrodia just as Ishtar attacks and only the intervention of Hiro Seno and his Battle Bike team saves her from certain death… but now Aphrodia is under Ishtar's control and Sue, Hiro, and his teammates find themselves on the run! However, their unique skill at Battle Bike, which combines motorcycle racing with roller derby, may just prove to be the secret weapon Aphrodia needs to win the Venus Wars."

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US Releases For April 16, 2024

Alien High [Digital Premiere] (Viva Films, PG) "After chasing the evil Zolthard through a wormhole, 3 aliens find themselves stranded in the brain of 16-year old Norman."
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The Peasants (Sony Pictures, R) "Using a team of animators and painters who work by hand, Kobiela adapts a Nobel prize winning novel about an early 20th Polish peasant woman who creates havoc by marrying an older rich man." Read Our Review

Puffin Rock and The New Friends (Shout Factory, NR)[Digital Premiere]"Follow the disappearance of the final Little Egg of the season in strange circumstances, leading Oona and her friends to embark on a race against time to try to save it before a big storm hits Puffin Rock and puts the island in danger." Read our review.
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Rozen Maiden The Complete Series (Sentai Filmworks, TV-14) "Remember those nightmares you had as a child, where your toys came to life? That's the reality that Jun Sakurada suddenly finds himself living in when Shinku arrives in a box. She's the first of several magical Rozen Maidens to invade the secluded life he has made for himself since refusing to attend school anymore and living the life of a hermit. Worse, he finds himself magically bound to Shinku, his life force powering hers, and she's not too crazy about the way he's been living his life."

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 4 (Paramount, NR) "The support crew serving on one of Starfleet's least important ships, the U.S.S. Cerritos, have to keep up with their duties, often while the ship is being rocked by a multitude of sci-fi anomalies."

Upcoming Releases

All dates subject to change.

Lupin the 3rd Part 6 April 29 [UK]
A Place Further Than The Universe April 22
Blue Giant April 30
Migration May 6 [UK]
Tokyo Mew Mew New Season 2 May 7
The Peasants May 20 [UK]
Rango 4K June 4
Buddy Daddies June 11
Ninja Scroll: The Series July 4 [UK]

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