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Web Animation Watch: Resilience, Riot Doll, My Way and More


Welcome back to another edition of Web Animation Watch! It's been a while, but we're back! Web Animation Watch brings you the best in online animation: independent shorts, student films, commissioned films, music videos and more! This time we've got some wonderful work from some new talents. They'll surely be names to look out for in future. Remember you saw them here first!

If you have created something you would like to see featured here, or if you're just a fan who has found something cool- drop us a line. or submit via FilmFreeway

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Whatever humans do to try and make their impact on the world nature will endure. That's the message in this film from CalArts student Yunie Choi. Through the eyes of a fallen soldier, we see nature gradually to reclaim the site of a battle after a war.  Follow Yunie on Instagram

Riot Doll

This short from Gobelins class of 2023 takes us to Moscow, where a young pizza delivery girl has had enough. Things take a bit of a surreal turn when she gets a VIP visitor. Directors Daria Skripka, Poornima Subramaniam, Mrunal Khairnar, Lwazi Msipha,and Hassan Yola would like to emphasise that it's all totally fictional and any resemblance to current events is purely coincidental. The short does a really great job of creating an oppressive and suffocating atmosphere. Behind the scenes and bonus materials can be found on Instagram. Make sure to stick the subtitles on as this is entirely in Russian.

Period Drama


No prizes for guessing the subject of this short from Ringling College. A young girl's imagination runs away with her when she first gets her monthly visitor. Directors Lauryn Anthony and Anushka Tina Nair's short features impressive CG animation and a mischievous sense of humour. Find out more at the film's Instagram page or Lauryn's website. 

Siames | My Way


Siames are a band who have over the years frequently turned to animation for their music videos. They've always been very good and this new animated video for their track My Way is no exception, With an artstyle halfway between fashion illustration and shojo (girls') manga, it's very memorable. The style feels somehow feminine, which seems to suit the vocals on this track. Directed by Jesica Bianchi at Rudo Co.