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'Scavenger's Reign' Cancelled: But Netflix Could Save It.

Scavenger's Reign
is that all-too-rare thing: a western adult animation that is not a sitcom. Sadly though, its critical acclaim didn't translate into high viewing figures and as a result, Max has cancelled it. All is not lost however, and there may still be hope for the sci-fi show.

Warner Bros Discovery's new strategy includes selling streaming rights to certain series or movies to their rivals. Under this strategy, Scavenger's Reign is due to be added to Netflix in the United States and United Kingdom. For fans in the UK this will be their first opportunity to watch the series as Max is not currently available in Britain.

Here's where it gets really interesting. Netflix are reportedly interested in picking up the series for a second season- depending on how well the debut season does. In other words, if you're eager to see the series rescued, make sure you watch it on Netflix. You can help to save the show!

Scavenger's Reign follows the crew of a damaged interstellar freighter who become stranded on a beautiful but deadly alien planet. The series was created and written by Joe Benett and Charles Huettner and overseen by supervising director Benjy Brooke.  Chris Prynoski, Antonio Canobbio, Shannon Prynoski, and Ben Kalina are executive producers for Titmouse and is co-executive produced by Sean Buckelew and James Merrill for Green Street Pictures. The voice cast features Sunita Mani, Wunmi Mosaku, Bob Stephenson, Alia Shawkat, Pollyanna McIntosh, Sepideh Moafi and Masha King.

"We are beyond thrilled that Scavengers Reign will be joining the incredible animation lineup on Netflix," said Bennett, Buckelew, Merrill and Brooke on behalf of Green Street. "We’re immensely grateful to everyone who has watched the show already and to Netflix for giving it an opportunity to be discovered by a wider audience."

Scavenger's Reign season one will be streaming from May 31 in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand. The first season will also continue to stream on Max in the US.