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'Solo Leveling: Arise' Game Launches

One of the most popular new anime series to launch so far this year is Solo Leveling. Based on the South Korean Web-novel and Webtoon, the series has already had a second season confirmed. Any anime series worth its salt gets a video game spin-off eventually, and Solo Leveling is no exception. Solo Leveling; Arise from Netmarble has launched on iOS, Android and PC and is coming soon to Steam.

Gamers step into the shoes of series lead Sung Jinwoo. In a world menaced by monsters individuals known as Hunters have arisen to protect humanity. After a failed hunt leaves him gravely injured, Jinwoo discovers a way to level up and improve infinitely. Now he's on a quest to become the greatest Hunter in the world.

As the quest unfolds, players will experience a story fueled by beautiful graphics and an impressive and fast-paced combat system. Players will be able to create their own fighting style by customising their style, acquiring increasingly powerful weapons and more. Jinwoo will be accompanied on his quest by other Hunters featured in the series, each with unique abilities, allowing gamers to build teams to defeat any foe. Jinwoo can also summon his very own Army Of Shadows, just as he did when he first uttered the now-famous line "Arise!"

"The fan response worldwide to Solo Leveling: ARISE has been astounding, and we are thrilled to officially launch the game to a wide audience," said Young-sig Kwon, CEO of Netmarble. "Our passionate team of developers created something very special that we hope all fans can now enjoy. We look forward to the community experiencing this latest telling of Sung Jinwoo’s story as they level up through the Hunter ranks."

To celebrate the game's launch, Netmarble is hosting a number of events in-game. They include the 7-Day Gift! Check-In Event, Radiant Battlefield Dancer!, Cha Hae-In Rate Up Celebration and Draw event, Pick the Best Dancer, Dice Event and Points Event,  all of which offer gamers exciting rewards.

Additionally, players who preregistered will receive the stylish Black Suit Sung Jinwoo skin, Legendary Artefact Sets, 10 Mana Power Crystals, and 100,000 gold.

The game received more than 15 million preregistrations in less than a month before launch. The details of the game's Steam launch are to be announced, but users can add it to their wishlist now.

You can download Solo Leveling Arise from Google or Apple now. Solo Leveling the anime is available to stream on Crunchyroll.