Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The AFA Podcast Episode 33: Zootopia

As Zootopia finally arrives in the UK (under the title of Zootropolis) it's time for Chris, Rachael and Dan to sit down and talk about Disney's latest smash hit. Before that we talk about some of the latest animation news, including the Annecy line-up, Amazon's moves into anime streaming and the new film coming from Anomalisa makers Starburns.

Unfortunately we had a ton of issues with Skype this week, so the audio quality is not as good as it should be, and we lost the final part of the recording entirely. There's still plenty of stuff to get stuck into though.

Warning: Zootopia spoilers start at around 55 minutes.

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The Team:  Chris Perkins  @misterchristor  Rachael Ward @fail2ninja Dan Hamman @hammoo 


0:01-0:35   ANIMATION NEWS
0.35-0:43   WHAT WE'VE WATCHED; Hell and Back, Kung Fu Panda
0:43-0:55    ZOOTOPIA [general discussion]
0:55-1:35    ZOOTOPIA [Spoilers start]


Annecy Line Up

Sausage Party


April and The Extraordinary World


Robson & Jerome


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