Saturday, March 25, 2017

ANNY Animator Interviews #2: Scott Renk

Next up in our series is an interview with Scott Renk. We interview Scott Renk at the Sheraton in New York City during the Nation Art Education Association National Convention.

Scott Renk is a urban sketcher, award-winning animator/film maker/artist, and teacher of at-risk students.

Animation Nights New York screened Scott Renk's film, "Baron" last year, at our New Year Pics screening event (Program #5), at 192 Front St.

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Show Notes:
00:00 - 00:25 Podcast intro
00:25 - 01:28 Greetings
01:28 - 02:50 Professional Background
02:50 - 05:08 "Baron"
05:08 - 07:30 Three Minute Film Festival
07:30 - 10:35 Upcoming Projects and Recent Projects
10:35 - 16:30 Urban Sketching
16:30 - 22:43 Urban Sketching and Teaching At-Risk Youth
22:43 - 26:07 Personal History and the Power of Art
26:07 - 26:40 Animation Nights New York
26:40 - 26:55 Last comments
26:55 - 28:05 Podcast outro
28:05 - 28:28 Outtake

Scott Renk


Three Minute Film Festival

Lensic Theater

Matt Jones

Urban Sketchers

CAM Raleigh Urban Sketching Group

The Animation Project

All film clips are used with permission from the artist. All other images are used for the purpose of reference and education.

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