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Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle Trailer Revealed

recently announced several anime features that they would be bringing to cinemas. They are all based on popular TV series that they stream. The first of these to arrive will be Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle, based on the popular sports anime. Now, Crunchyroll has released the first English-subtitled trailer

Haikyuu!! is based on the Shonen Jump manga by Haruichi Furudate. The series follows Shoyo Hinata who wants to follow in the footsteps of a short-statured volleyball player known as The Little Giant. Forming his own volleyball team in the last year of middle school, he faces the so-called King Of The Court Tobio Kageyama and inevitably loses.

After this crushing defeat, Hinata vows to surpass Kageyama. As he enters High school, he joins the volleyball, only to find that Kageyama has also joined. His fiercest rival is now his teammate.

The TV series has so far consisted of four seasons, the most recent of which aired in 2020. The animation was by Production IG and the series is produced by Toho Animation. The series recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, with the first episode airing in 2014. The series is currently available streaming on Crunchyroll.

In the movie Hinata finds he must team up with Kageyama in order to try and defeat their rivals Nekoma High in the so-called Dumpster Battle, a clash between two rival underdog teams. The film is written and directed by Susumu Mitsunaka. 

Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle will be released in cinemas in the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom and Ireland on May 31. It will be distributed by Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures Entertainment.