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The Simpsons LEGO Episode Airing On May 4th

I couldn't tell you how many hours I've spent wondering what an episode of The Simpsons made in LEGO would be like. Because, like all sane people, it's never even occurred to me before. But that's never stopped the producers of America's longest-running primetime animated show- and their officially licensed LEGO episode will air in the US on Fox, Sunday, May 4th 2014.

Apparently conceived of and planned entirely independently from the massively success LEGO Movie, the special episode will air as the show's 550th episode. Although the producers have experimented with different styles of animation before, this is the first time that almost an entire episode has been produced in anything other than standard Simpsons style. You can get your first look at the 3D animated style in the first image released.

As revealed in an interview with EW, the plot revolves around Homer finding himself in a Lego-ised version of Springfield, when he starts to discover that his reality is not what it seems.  In the interview, producers Brian Kelley and Matt Selman reveal the episode features a Lego love scene, that the Brick-makers asked them to tone down...

The Simpsons will also be immortalised in Lego for real, with the first Lego Simpsons sets going on sale in May.

The episode "Brick Like Me" will air on the UK on Sky One in the near future.