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Web Animation Watch: Miyazaki Meets Dragon Ball Z, Voltakid and More Weebl...

The internet and the proliferation of software such as Flash has truly democratised the world of animation. The world of web animation is a fast-moving and exciting field that has brought to light some serious talent. But with so much stuff out there how do you know what to watch? You know the drill.. Welcome to Web Animation Watch!

We love Studio Ghibli, and we also love the wider world of anime. However, we'd be the first to admit that Miyazaki and co's work is quite different from the more typical anime fare. Those smart cookies at CollegeHumor wondered what it would be like if Ghibli's films were not so different after all. If you know your onions when it comes to Japanese animation, you'll find it's pretty spot on!

It wouldn't be WAW without Weebl, and this week's edition is no exception. Here's another slice of inspired musical insanity (animated by Prikle) with Cheese Dispensing Cat. If you love Weebl's work then you should consider backing him on Patreon, and you'll even get to see stuff before everyone else!

Space based adventure from Rocket Cartoons- introducing Kelvin Magnetic- The Voltakid. This is fantastically done stuff, and would not seem at all out of place on TV on Cartoon Network or Adult Swim.[Via Channel Frederator]

 Are you a web animator who's produced something you'd like to see in a future Web Animation Watch? Drop us a line.