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Five Fang-Tastic Animated Vampires.

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought- what better time for a little look at everyone's favourite supernatural beastie? From Bram Stoker's original Dracula novel to Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the vampire has long captured the public's imagination. The world of animation has proved to be in love with the legendary monsters as any other medium, so without any further ado, AFA presents our list of our favourite animated vampires! Have we missed your fave? Why not let us know in the comments below.

5. Vinnie Stoker (Gravedale High, 1990)

Gravedale High was a Hanna-Barbera cartoon about a hapless human teacher Max Schneider (voiced by Ghostbusters star Rick Moranis) who finds himself teaching a class of classic movie style monsters. The token vampire was Vinnie, a leather jacket wearing cross between Dracula and The Fonz. Unlike most vamps, he seemed less concerned with drinking blood and more interested in avoiding school work and having a good time with his werewolf best mate.

4.Don Dracula  ( Don Dracula, 1982)

The legendary "God of Manga"Osamu Tezuka has often been referred to as the Japanese Disney. In truth, this doesn't even begin to cover itInsanely prolific, he tackled virtually every genre and style during his long career. Don Dracula (based on his 1979 manga) was a short-lived anime series in which the Count and his daughter moved to Japan. There he must try to adapt to life in the land of the rising sun, while avoiding his old enemy Professor Hellsing- who is now a teacher at his daughter's school. A truly bizarre take on the world's most famous blood-sucker.

3. Marceline (Adventure Time, 2010-present)

The land of Ooo, in Pendelton Ward's rather wonderful Adventure Time has no shortage of princesses. Marcleine, however, is a Vampire Queen. First introduced as an antagonist when she kicks heroes Finn and Jake out of their treehouse, she soon switched sides and became a regular fan favourite. A thousand-year-old music loving vampire with a flare for mischief she may be, but rather than dining on blood, she has the more family-friendly need to eat the colour red. One episode implied that there may have been a past romantic relationship between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, but because same-sex relationships are still a thorny issue for some (even in the 21st century), it has not been explored further.

2. Alucard (Hellsing, 2001/ Hellsing Ultimate 2006-12)

What if, rather than turn him to dust, legendary Vampire Hunter Van Helsing had captured Dracula, and made him a kind of servant/guard dog? That's the idea behind Kouta Hirano's hit action/horror Manga. Only, of course it's the Hellsing family, and his name is Alucard, so it's totally different.. The series takes place in modern day, where The Hellsing Institute defends the British people from the very real threat of vampires, zombies and occasionally rogue Catholics. Adapted twice into anime- the 2001 TV series, and a much more faithful made for DVD/Blu-Ray series Hellsing Ultimate. The later service ends up in epic style, with legions of Nazi Vampires invading London. In both incarnations though, it's Alucard that's firmly the star of the show. Incredibly powerful, fiercely loyal to his master- and a snappy dresser- Alucard is one of the most kick-ass characters in anime; undead or otherwise.

1. Duckula (Count Duckula, 1988-1993).

Starting (un)life as a villain in the classic Danger Mouse from much missed Brit animation Studio Cosgrove Hall, the vampire duck graduated to his own series in 1988. Unlike in his appearance alongside DM though, this incarnation was a much more friendly mallard. Thanks to a ketchup related mishap in his reincarnation, Duckula is now a harmless vegetarian.. much to his butler Igor's disgust. In his magical teleporting castle "Ducky-boos" travels around the globe seeking fame and fortune, usually pursued by the Vampire Hunting Dr Von Goosewing. A cheeky send-up of the classic Hammer Horror films of the 60s and 70s, Duckula is understandably one of the most beloved British cartoons of its era.