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Netflix Getting Animated Again with 'F For Family'.

Netflix have fully jumped into the realm of original programming, with serious hits like House Of Cards and Arrested Development garnering a lot of interest. This year, they even moved into adult animation, with Bojack Horseman. Following the success of that equine-based comedy, the company has announced it has commissioned a second adult animated series, F For Family.

Coming from Simpsons producer Michael Price and comedian/actor Bill Burr, the half-hour comedy will d├ębut sometime in 2015. Inspired by Burr's childhood, it will be distinguished from other family-based animated sitcoms by its period 1970s setting. The voice-cast will feature Burr himself, alongside Laura Dern and Justin Long. The first series will run for just six episodes, but presumably, if well received future series could be longer.

Netflix is getting more and more involved with animation. Not only has Bojack Horseman been renewed for a second season, but they're also getting in on licensing anime, with Knights of Sidonia and the forthcoming Seven Deadly Sins. With the streaming company recently getting involved in funding movies too, can it be long before we see them getting into animated features too?

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