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The Lego Movie Sequel gets Official Title and a New Director

What do we know so far about The Lego Movie's sequel? Not a whole lot, but it's not out until 2018, so that's not that surprising. Shifted in the schedule to make way for The Lego Batman Movie, we previously learned original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were not planning on directing this time around. They will, however, be back on scripting duties, so it still should have their fingerprints all over it and should avoid a Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 level disappointment.

It's now been announced who will be taking over directorial duties for the sequel. Rob Schrab has never directed a feature film before, but has helmed episodes of comedy TV series Community and The Mindy Project. He's also got some experience in the animated realm too, having scripted the actually-rather-ace Monster House.

We've also learned that the film will not be going under the title  The Lego Movie 2. Instead, the title of The Lego Movie Sequel is in fact, The Lego Movie Sequel. The Next release from the Lego cinematic universe will be Ninjago in 2016, with Lego Batman swooping in in 2017. The Lego Movie sequel will make cinemas awesome again some time in 2018.