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DreamWorks Animation Scores a Big Hit with 'Home'

Having performed a similar feat in the United Kingdom, DreamWorks Animation's latest, Home has opened at the top on the US Box-office. After a string of underperformers, the studio has been sorely in need of a hit.. and luckily it seems they have found it. Home beat expectations (and pretty negative reviews) to open to a ker-ching of $54 million over the weekend.

In the UK, the film managed to have the best opening for any DWA film outside the Shrek franchise. In the States it didn't quite manage that, but it still managed to beat the majority of its predecessors- including last year's How To Train Your Dragon 2 ($49m) and Penguins of Madagascar ($35m). Opening weekend isn't everything of course- it remains to be seen if it can continue on to reach a HTTYD2-sized haul in the long-run. It's also not going to fix DWA's problems overnight (it's got a $100 million-plus budget) but it's certainly encouraging.

Home is in cinemas now, and is directed by Antz and Over The Hedge's Tim Johnson. The voice cast includes Rihanna, Jim Parsons, Jennifer Lopez and Steve Martin.