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Biff! Bang! Pow! 'Batman 66' Animated Movie Coming 2016

For the past couple of decades and change the Batman franchise has been associated with a very dark and serious tone- Joel Schumacher and Bat-nipples aside. It wasn't always so, as for many years the Knight was not quite so Dark. The classic campy 60s TV series with Adam West and Burt Ward defined Batman for generations. This incarnation has recently had a resurgence in popularity- helped by a recent deluxe Blu-ray release and a Batman '66 range of comics. West and Ward are a bit long in the tooth to get back into the tights, but it's been revealed that they will be reprising their iconic roles once more- this time in an animated feature.

The animated feature will be released in 2016, as part of the celebration of the original show's 50th anniversary. Although more details are yet to be confirmed, it's likely to be released as part of the DC/Warner Bros direct to disc animated range. The classic series has an animated opening, so we can have a good guess at how the finished thing will look.

Batman on the big screen has been played very dark for a long time and it's clear the new Justice League films aren't going to change that. It's refreshing that both with this and LEGO Batman on the horizon, DC are allowing the more fun Batman a chance to creep back in.

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