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'Shaun The Sheep' Getting TV Special on BBC One This Christmas

Following his TV series, smash-hit movie and even a Swedish theme park, Aardman's Shaun The Sheep is riding high right now. It only gets better though, as the wait for more Shaun is going to be much shorter than you might be expecting- it's been announced that he will return to UK TV screens this Christmas.

Shaun started life as part of the classic Wallace and Gromit short A Close Shave, before getting his own spin-off series. Now he is following in Wallace's sizable footsteps and getting his own half-hour special, which will air on UK TV on BBC One this Christmas. The Wallace and Gromit specials have been a staple of the UK holiday TV schedule for years so it seems only natural that Shaun should graduate to this format.

The Farmer's Llamas will see Shaun trick the farmer to buying three llamas- a decision he soon comes to regret.  The special is created by Richard Starzak- who first shepherded Shaun's TV series onto screens- and will be directed by Jay Grace.

In the meantime The Shaun The Sheep Movie will finally arrive in cinemas in North America on August 6th.