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Take Part in an Interactive Q & A with Jorge Gutierrez

Jorge Gutierrez truly arrived on animation fan's radars last year thanks to the excellent The Book Of Life.  He first made a name for himself through the series El Tigre, but it was his feature debut that really has elevated his career to the next level. Even in a strong year for animation, the film's visual style and unique Mexican perspective made it stand out. Currently hard at work on his follow-up, the amazing sounding Untitled Kung-Fu Space Western, Jorge is taking time out to take part in an online Question and Answer session that you can take part in.

The event will take place on the online platform Convrge (yep, that spelling is correct) which allows you to register an avatar and interact face-to-face- either using the VR system Occulus Rift or via a traditional computer. Head over to the site to download the software before the session takes place.

Jorge will talk about how he got into the industry and discuss the challenges involved in getting his first feature made. The Q&A will take place on Saturday the 25th of July at 1pm EDT until 3pm. Full event details can be found here.

The medium might be unconventional but this is a unique chance to get to hear one of the animation industry's break-out talents talk about his process and to ask him questions yourself, If you're free to get involved, this looks like an opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

Get a taste below from Jorge's appearance on TED talks discussing the film's genesis.