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The AFA Podcast: Episode 4

Pardon the interruption, but just over a week late Chris, Dan, Rachael, and Yvonne are back again to talk about some cartoons! Our main topic is 'The State Of The Animation Nation' where we discuss the current state of the animation industry. Are we in a 'golden age' of animation?

Before that though, we discuss some (now hopelessly out of date) animation news, including the heartening success of Mamoru Hosoda's Boy and the Beast, Shaun The Sheep's Swedish theme park and bum ourselves out talking about the sad passing of Nintendo's Satoru Iwata. Then it's time to discuss what we've been watching including titles such as Archer, Star Wars Rebels and My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu.
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Approximate Time Codes.

Start- 2m.55- Introduction
2m55-35m Animation News
 35m-1h07   What We've Watched
1h08-2h 28  Main Topic- The State Of The Animation Nation
2.28- 2.30 Sign-off

Show Links

Fred Misha Klein

"Touch" a sand animation by Ferenc Cako' 
NFB stop motion animation app

Bill Plympton "Cheatin'"

Signe Baumane
"Rocks in my Pockets" 

https://vimeo.com/74056945 Family Ties, Joanna Quinn 

experimental animation zone (robert lyons - asifa east) https://vimeo.com/channels/thezone


Mickey Get a Horse!

Steven Universe


Avatar the Last Airbender

Boy and the Beast -- Madman Eng Sub trailer

Every Frame a Painting -- Tony Zhou

Adam Hills on the Swedish Chef