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US Getting Amazon Exclusive 'Collected Hayao Miyazaki' Box-Set

Now that the greatest living animator Hayao Miyazaki has retired from directing features (although he's currently working on his first CG short) it's about time you completed your collection, don't you think? Although fans in the UK and Australia were able to buy complete box-sets of his work for some time, it was thought that due to rights issues, it would not be possible to release one in the US.

But this is Disney we're talking about after all, and it seems that an arrangement has been reached to include all of Miyazaki's features, including his debut  Lupin III: Castle Of Cagliostro and the pre-Ghibli Nausicaa: Of The Valley Of The Wind, right up to The Wind Rises. All the films are on Blu-Ray meaning it's also a great opportunity to upgrade from your old DVDs.

Additionally, the set will come with some extras not included in other countries' collections, including a 1972 TV Pilot Yuki's Sun, three episodes of the TV Series Little Samurai and a deluxe book among other extras.

Of course, this still doesn't represent the complete Miyazaki- not without his TV Series Future Boy Conan, or his work on other TV series such as Lupin III or Sherlock Hound, or shorts such as On Your Mark. It is however likely the closest you're going to get anytime soon.

The collection will be available exclusively through Amazon on November 17th 2015, PREORDER NOW

[Via Nerdist]