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Could 'Simons Cat' be coming to TV?

Simon's Cat is more than just a series of incredibly adorable series of animated shorts. Original creator Simon Tofield and team have managed to use its success to build up a small London-based studio and a successful business that has lead to merchandise, books and more. This summer also saw the completion of their first colour short Off To The Vets, thanks to the successful crowd-funding campaign. All-in-all it's not that surprising that the studio would look interesting to larger companies on the look-out for new content.

That's just what happened as the UK TV production company Endemol Shine has bought a "controlling share" in the company. While the natural reaction from fans might be to panic about the new owners might try and mess with the beloved series, it may actually have a positive effect.

The Studio is relatively small, so the backing of a larger company will allow it to potentially expand considerably. The new partners will reportedly look at expanding the brand to new platforms, and will reportedly explore the possibility of bringing it to TV.

Simon's Cat with his own TV show? Sign us up! We imagine it would work best remaining as relative short from (maybe around 5 or 10-minute episodes). Off To The Vets may have worked perfectly as a proof of concept (or even a pilot) for such an idea. It could ultimately be massive- as the humour will travel internationally easily. If it does happen, it may not be the first web animation to make it to TV- but it would more than likely be the highest profile example.